Christmas 2019

Late to the party per usual and honestly no one else will probably read this besides my mom, Hi Mom! But I will be so glad to have these memories to look back on so here's Christmas 2019 in a nutshell :)
If I had one word to describe this year it would be MAGIC !  I know I say this every year, but the kid's ages were just the best this year.  We baked unhealthy amounts of sugar cookies, read all of our Christmas books 100 times through, laughed over the Elf of the shelf mischief - and lack there of on nights mama was really tired ;)  and the Christmas season flew by faster than ever.

We went to the Christmas Eve candle light service with the whole fam at my mom's church and had dinner at her house after.  It should be noted that this was the first year I wasn't absolutely terrified someone's hair was going to be set on fire.  
Love this sweet crazy crew!

The only family picture we managed to snap.

Olivia and Jack had their annual Christmas Eve sleepover in Olivia's bed and it pretty much just melts my heart.  My sister and I used to sleep together on Christmas Eve even through high school!  It is so sweet seeing their bond grow and fun traditions starting between them.

Their big presents they asked for this year was a gymnastics bar for Olivia and a four wheeler for Jack.  To say they were a tad excited is an understatement!

We went back to my Mom's to open presents with all the grandkids later during the day and since it was basically spring  weather the kids enjoyed playing outside with the new puppy Jacob got most of the day.
Chad took off the day after Christmas and we did a whole lot of relaxing and just soaking in the rest of the Christmas magic.  I left our tree and most of our decor up until New Years this year and it was just so nice.  All of the hustle and bustle of Christmas was over, but our home still felt cozy and the glow of the Christmas tree was almost more special during that time.

I was so sad to see it go as always, but man we had a sweet one this year.

We hosted NYE here again this year with some of our closest friends and it was a blast!  We had way too much food, fireworks and fire pit that our grass is still recovering from (all signs of a good party)

The kids were in no mood for pictures after midnight...yep they all made it to midnight on a sugar high haha!  I managed to snap a few fun confetti pics earlier in the day though!

I hope you all had the very happiest Christmas and New year and I hope 2020 is being kind to you already!

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