Christmas 2019

Late to the party per usual and honestly no one else will probably read this besides my mom, Hi Mom! But I will be so glad to have these memories to look back on so here's Christmas 2019 in a nutshell :)
If I had one word to describe this year it would be MAGIC !  I know I say this every year, but the kid's ages were just the best this year.  We baked unhealthy amounts of sugar cookies, read all of our Christmas books 100 times through, laughed over the Elf of the shelf mischief - and lack there of on nights mama was really tired ;)  and the Christmas season flew by faster than ever.

Valentine Book Round Up

Coming in hot with all of the sweet Valentines Day goodies to help us get over the after Christmas slump!
I don't know about you guys, but my home looks so bare after I take down all of the holiday trimmings that I am just itching to pull out all of my V- day decor and that includes making over the kid's book shelves in their rooms.  I have been collecting holiday books since Olivia was born and I know I say this every time, but I think our Valentine books may just be my favorites ;)
I mean, what's more fun than celebrating love month with my two favorite little people and showing them just how special they are to me?!  And their Daddy too, but for some reason pink hearts and banners all over the house doesn't make him quite as excited ;)

Let's start in Olivia's room.  I love decking out her room with all of the super girly gear for V-day.  I will share a full room tour later, but for now here is her little reading nook.