Halloween Cookie Swap Party with Cheryl's Cookies!

(Cookies were provided by Cheryl's Cookies, but all thoughts and content are my own)

When I think about hosting parties I immediately start thinking about a theme and what is more fun (or delicious) than a cookie swap?!  This is a perfect idea for any holiday, but I especially loved spooking it out for a Halloween cookie swap. My trick or treat wooden sign is from Against The Grain HC and tied the party theme together nicely. So the premise behind the party is you get a few friends together and everyone bring their favorite cookies, enough to snack on during the party and a few extra so each person gets to take home a little treat at the end ;)

I was first gifted cookies from Cheryl's Cookies last Christmas and knew immediately I wanted to share them with my friends.  Cheryl's Cookies  make gourmet cookie and baked goods delivered in beautiful gift packaging so they are perfect for any occasion. They come individually wrapped and you can eat them fresh or freeze them right in the package and enjoy a snack later!

You can mix and match to fit your taste and they truly have something that everyone will love. For my party I chose the marshmallow frosted s'more cookiepeanut butter oat chocolate chip cookiebrown sugar pumpkin cookie and the brand new chocolate chip cookie.  

I love that the cookies are soft and the buttercream icing just melts in your mouth!  These definitely do not taste like most cookies you receive in a package.  You can taste the quality ingredients and thoughtful recipes!

The Marshmallow Frosted S'more cookie was my very favorite, but it was a tough choice!  That sweet buttercream marshmallow frosting tipped me over the edge!  They all paired nicely with a cold glass of milk I served in my skeleton glasses.  I sent each friend home with a boo! bag full of goodies and I cannot wait to host another cookie swap with more holidays coming up soon!

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