Halloween Cookie Swap Party with Cheryl's Cookies!

(Cookies were provided by Cheryl's Cookies, but all thoughts and content are my own)

When I think about hosting parties I immediately start thinking about a theme and what is more fun (or delicious) than a cookie swap?!  This is a perfect idea for any holiday, but I especially loved spooking it out for a Halloween cookie swap. My trick or treat wooden sign is from Against The Grain HC and tied the party theme together nicely. So the premise behind the party is you get a few friends together and everyone bring their favorite cookies, enough to snack on during the party and a few extra so each person gets to take home a little treat at the end ;)

Halloween Book Favorites

Halloween books are some of our favorite books to read around here and I love adding a few new ones to our collection each year.  I sprinkle them around the house as a fun way to display them and add an extra bit of decor too!  The kids have bookshelves in their rooms and I love to pick books that match the theme of their decorations to put on their shelves.