Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece DIY

What goes great with 100 degree weather??? (besides a heat stroke)
The temperatures may have not gotten the memo, but it's fall in my heart and nothing makes me happier than sprinkling pumpkins all around our house as soon as September hits.
The dining room is my favorite room to decorate.  Probably since we never actually use it so it doesn't get messed up ha!

I have been collecting pumpkins for years and every year I like to add a few to the collection and change things up a little bit.  Mostly I find unique ones from Home Goods, TJ MaxxMichaels and Hobby Lobby is always a favorite too! I thought it would be fun to kind of do a little step by step guide to making a faux pumpkin and greenery centerpiece.  Really though you can use this technique all through your house! Entry way tables, mantles, coffee tables and even your dresser if you want to go all out.

I always start by placing the largest pumpkin I have in the center and build out from there.  I like to lay pumpkins on their sides and in different directions and even stack smaller ones on top of larger ones to add dimension.  I arrange and rearrange until I have them just how I want them to look.

Next comes the greenery. This adds so much texture and warmth to the arrangement and completely changes the look of it to me.  I like using faux eucalyptus and faux lambs ear to mix it up.  Walmart has wonderful faux eucalyptus, but you can only buy it in store so check your local stores to see if they have it.  If you don't have a Walmart near by Hobby Lobby is my second pick.  They have these bunches that are perfect for a project like this since you'll be clipping them into smaller pieces.  I also prefer their lambs ear garland.  It is very full and the sprigs are super easy to clip off and add to your arrangement.  Make sure you catch them on sale or use a 40% off coupon!



You'll need a good pair of floral shears or clippers and just cut small sprigs to fit in different holes in the arrangement.  I start with the lambs ear since it has more volume and stick the stems in between the pumpkins.  I like to arrange some laying down and some sticking up for height.  Next add in the cut eucalyptus.  You can layer it in where you already have lambs ear and also place it on its own. Don't forget there is wire inside so if it doesn't look right just bend it to the direction you want it to go.

I added this wood bead garland, also from Hobby Lobby, and I found the pumpkin sign at TJ Maxx (similar here).  Faux pumpkins can be expensive so I like to shop around and find the best deals and the best quality pumpkins.  Hobby Lobby has all of their fall decor 40% off and these are the ones I used from there.  
Fave TJ Maxx pumpkins: 

Fave Michaels Pumpkins:

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

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