Raddish Kids Cooking Club Kits

This post is sponsored by Raddish, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The kitchen is the happy place in our home!  If I am cooking the kids are usually pulling up a chair and begging to help. I remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl and I love having the kids help me and learn to cook.  When I discovered Raddish Kids cooking club I knew it would be right up their alley.  Each month you get a new kit with three recipes, a shopping list for the food you need to make the recipes,  a fun skills activity, table talk conversation starter cards, a new utensil and even badges for their aprons they can collect!

Each month there is a different theme and this month's theme was outer space!  Each recipe card is super kid friendly with picture instructions for the non readers and simple written instructions for the older kids.  My kids picked the Galactic Pancakes as their first meal to make. 

I wanted them to really get the feel of doing it all themselves I went ahead and did a little prep work and measured out some of the ingredients and put them in smaller bowls so they could easily pour them into the mix without assistance.  They read the recipe card and followed the instructions to a T! It was super cute to watch! Especially in those adorable Raddish aprons ;)

They did all the pouring and mixing and it was time to hit the stove! I stayed right with them and reminded them several times of the hot surface and they were both super careful.  I let Olivia place the star and moon molds that came in our kit on the griddle and scoop the batter into them.  Jack was our resident spatula holder and he was proud to be helping too!

After the kids were done they helped me arrange their creations on their plates and asked for some extra stars in the sky :)  (whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries)  I love seeing their little imaginations at work.

They were super proud of their yummy pancakes and the new skills they learned along the way.  We talked about what they would take on a trip to the moon and they couldn't wait to get their new badge on their aprons for a job well done. The whole kit start to finish was so much fun!  Raddish  is offering you $15 off a 6 month subscription using code PEARSON.  I love seeing how their little minds create and watching them smile as they master a new skill.  I can't wait to see what the theme is for next month and all the cool recipes we will get to make!  Grab your kit here and get your little chef started!

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Our second month with Raddish Kids was too fun not to share! Each month has a different theme and we really enjoyed learning more about Argentina culture and food. The kids were pumped they got to test out the electric hand mixer and even managed to keep most of the dough in the bowl for the delicious cookies we made ;)

The perfect cookie scoop tool will be used over and over here since we are a cookie making factory, especially around the holidays. It made getting the perfect cookie portion easy and fun for little fingers (and mama too!).

The Dulce de leche cookies will definitely go into our holiday baking recipe routine! They would be perfect for cookie exchanges or even a mid week pick me up :)

The kiddos were so proud of their creations and I love that they were open to trying new foods and having fun while doing it!

Remember to use code PEARSON for $15 of a 6 month subscription and make meal time exciting for the whole family!

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