Easter 2019

Easter week was a whirlwind over here! Between the kid's school Easter parties and activities and family stuff I blinked and it was Good Friday.  We spent the day in our pajamas and in typical holiday junkie style did allllll things Easter related.  If you haven't watched the Jesus story book bible on Amazon prime I highly recommend it.  There are lots of different stories, but we started the day with the Easter story and bunny pancakes!  We finally got around to dying eggs and I stepped up my game with glitter this year (a mistake I will surely not repeat next year).

My Dress, Olivia's Dress

We started a new tradition of attending our church's Saturday evening Easter service just our little family and then going to eat dinner out somewhere because there is enough cooking and business on Easter Sunday.  We stopped in a little flower field near our house and I snapped these pictures with the tripod and self timer :)

There's always that one...

Sunday morning we slept in, let the kids open their Easter baskets and then made resurrection rolls together.  I had some cooking to do before we headed to my mom's for lunch and Easter egg hunting.

Sign and banner from Glitter Party Co

We skipped naps, enjoyed the amazing 70 degree weather and I'm pretty sure I got into some poison oak hiding eggs in the wooded area...but we all had so much fun!

My DressHat. Olivia's Dress

Hope you all had the best Easter with your family and friends and felt the love of Jesus wrapped around you tight!  He is risen indeed!

xo- Julie 

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