Bedding Refresh with Tuesday Morning

Let's talk about sheets baby!
  You can have all the fancy duvets and coverlets in the world, but if you have scratchy sheets, you just don' have a comfy bed which leads to a poor nights sleep.  This new year I am focusing on getting the rest I need to get through my hectic days and for me that starts with a great pair of sheets.  I usually just pick up some cute, seasonal set from random places, but I have done some research and I really wanted to invest in a nice set.  Lucky for me, shopping at Tuesday Morning doesn't mean I have to blow my budget for high quality linens!  They carry some high end brands like Peacock Alley and Allure for a fraction of the price of department stores!  Something my hubby can be excited about too ;)

Let's start with the basics of good sheets.  Material, durability, cleanability (not sure if that's a word, but I'm rolling with it) and weight are the factors I was most interested in while shopping.  For me, you cannot beat 100% cotton fabric.  It is soft and breathable, naturally wicks away moisture and feels the best against my skin.  When you are shopping cotton sheets be sure to look for long staple or long fiber for the softest feel that won't pile and stands the test of time being washed and dried.  Cotton is also more water-friendly than polyester making it easier to clean and with kids that often sneak snacks into my bed I have to be able to remove stains.  Alright now to thread count or the weight of the sheets.  Thread count definitely matters, but the quality of the actual thread itself is more important than the count and anything over 800 really  doesn't matter.  Focusing on a high quality long-staple, pima or supima thread will give you the softest and most durable sheets.

On my shopping trip to Tuesday Morning I had all of this in mind and ended up torn between a cotton percale - which have a cool, crisp feel, get softer with every wash and are perfect for sleepers who are more hot natured - and a cotton sateen -  which have a buttery soft feel, more wrinkle resistant and a bit of a heavier feel for those who tend to get chilly at night.  I opened each pack up and stuck my hand in multiple times and decided I just could not pass up the luxurious feel of the cotton sateen!

I love to sleep with my duvet and a thin blanket in between in case the duvet is too much I can move it down and still have a little more than a sheet left on me.  I should note that we sleep with the air set to 65 degrees year round in our room and the fan on so I like to snuggle up and be warm under all of my covers.  I also bought this darling pink quilt and pillow sham set at Tuesday Morning at an amazing deal!  It is super soft and also 100% cotton and machine washable - oh yeah!!!  I love adding lots of textures to my bed to make it extra inviting!

 Since upgrading to a king size bed we had yet to get King size pillows so I also scooped up some of those while I was shopping at Tuesday Morning.  Are you noticing a theme here?  They seriously have everything you need for a full bedding refresh and then some ;)  The ones I chose are allergen free, antimicrobial and you can also machine wash them!
  I feel like a real grown up with my big girl sheets and pillows now, but I did't have to pay big time prices which makes it even more exciting!  They are always getting new inventory in and the deals are fresh each day so you never know the goodies you will score there!  If you are ready to sleep better and more comfortably for less stop by and check out all of the selection at your local Tuesday Morning and you can thank me later ;)  
Happy sleeping my friends!


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