Halloween Cookie Swap Party with Cheryl's Cookies!

(Cookies were provided by Cheryl's Cookies, but all thoughts and content are my own)

When I think about hosting parties I immediately start thinking about a theme and what is more fun (or delicious) than a cookie swap?!  This is a perfect idea for any holiday, but I especially loved spooking it out for a Halloween cookie swap. My trick or treat wooden sign is from Against The Grain HC and tied the party theme together nicely. So the premise behind the party is you get a few friends together and everyone bring their favorite cookies, enough to snack on during the party and a few extra so each person gets to take home a little treat at the end ;)

Halloween Book Favorites

Halloween books are some of our favorite books to read around here and I love adding a few new ones to our collection each year.  I sprinkle them around the house as a fun way to display them and add an extra bit of decor too!  The kids have bookshelves in their rooms and I love to pick books that match the theme of their decorations to put on their shelves.

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece DIY

What goes great with 100 degree weather??? (besides a heat stroke)
The temperatures may have not gotten the memo, but it's fall in my heart and nothing makes me happier than sprinkling pumpkins all around our house as soon as September hits.
The dining room is my favorite room to decorate.  Probably since we never actually use it so it doesn't get messed up ha!

Raddish Kids Cooking Club Kits

This post is sponsored by Raddish, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The kitchen is the happy place in our home!  If I am cooking the kids are usually pulling up a chair and begging to help. I remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl and I love having the kids help me and learn to cook.  When I discovered Raddish Kids cooking club I knew it would be right up their alley.  Each month you get a new kit with three recipes, a shopping list for the food you need to make the recipes,  a fun skills activity, table talk conversation starter cards, a new utensil and even badges for their aprons they can collect!

Spring Entertaining with Tuesday Morning!

 Tis the season for some back porch hangin'!
One of my very favorite spots in my home is our screened in porch, but after a long winter this space was looking a little drab and forgotten.  We teamed up with Tuesday Morning to give this area a much needed face lift and get it ready for some spring entertaining!

Strawberry Pickin'

One of my favorite spring activities each year is driving out in to the beautiful Alabama farm land and going strawberry picking!  We usually visit Witt's Farm, but after keeping the kids home from school and having the whole day planned we learned that they were closed so we tried out a new spot.  We went to Jerry Marsh Farms and we loved it just as much!  They are a working farm and had other crops besides strawberries that real farmers were tending! Jack watched in awe at the tractor and begged to climb on everything and stomp in every muddy puddle.  We went with a few of our friends and all of the kids had a blast!

Easter 2019

Easter week was a whirlwind over here! Between the kid's school Easter parties and activities and family stuff I blinked and it was Good Friday.  We spent the day in our pajamas and in typical holiday junkie style did allllll things Easter related.  If you haven't watched the Jesus story book bible on Amazon prime I highly recommend it.  There are lots of different stories, but we started the day with the Easter story and bunny pancakes!  We finally got around to dying eggs and I stepped up my game with glitter this year (a mistake I will surely not repeat next year).

Full Sun Photography Tips

Summer is right around the corner and that means beach trips, ball park days, picnics at the park and slip in slides in the back yard!  And I am PUMPED for all of it.  Don't let the fear of shooting in the dreaded full sunlight keep you from busting out the "big camera" to capture all of those memories.  I totally get it, full sun can be very tricky, but I have some tips and tricks I use that will hopefully make getting those shots you love easier.

ISO 100 /  f 2.5 / SS 1/3200

Bedding Refresh with Tuesday Morning

Let's talk about sheets baby!
  You can have all the fancy duvets and coverlets in the world, but if you have scratchy sheets, you just don' have a comfy bed which leads to a poor nights sleep.  This new year I am focusing on getting the rest I need to get through my hectic days and for me that starts with a great pair of sheets.  I usually just pick up some cute, seasonal set from random places, but I have done some research and I really wanted to invest in a nice set.  Lucky for me, shopping at Tuesday Morning doesn't mean I have to blow my budget for high quality linens!  They carry some high end brands like Peacock Alley and Allure for a fraction of the price of department stores!  Something my hubby can be excited about too ;)