31 Days of Halloween Books!

Oh hey, me again! It's been a few months, but fall is finally here and that means the official start to the holiday season in the Pearson house!  One of my favorite things to do is bust out the festive jammies and books for the kids.  I love seeing how excited they get. Can we all agree holidays with kids are just so much stinking fun?!!!
Olivia's little witch hat is from Lulebloom!
We have had these picture ledges that we use as book shelves in both of the kid's rooms since they were babies and I love having a fun place to display all of their books for the season.  They enjoy having new books every few months and I think they like that they can look up there and pick out which ever one they want to read.  All of our festive garlands come from Glitter Party Co!  She makes the absolute cutest d├ęcor! 

We have more Halloween books around here than any other season...maybe because they are my favorite ;) I thought it would be fun to do a little book countdown to Halloween so without further rambling from me, here are our faves!
1. Ghosts
21. Dracula
27. Boo!
Grab your babes and your favorite spooky-fun book and make some memories!  Which books are your faves?!

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