New smile with Smile Direct Club

I want to talk to you guys about something that I have been wanting to do forever, straighten my smile!  I had braces when I was in junior high, but shortly after that I lost my retainer and as I got older my teeth began to shift.  I really didn't want to wear braces again and that's when I discovered Smile Direct Club.  They offer invisible aligners to straighten your smile and you can do the whole thing from home.  I ordered my at-home-impression kit and even though I was afraid I might mess it up at first, the directions were great and it was so easy to do. Not to mention, playing in the putty was pretty fun ;)  You mail it straight back to them, along with some pictures and they send you a virtual journey to your new smile so you can check out exactly what your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment.  You can use code POSITIVELYPEARSON  for 50 % off your at home impression kit! Click here to get started!

Once the doctors have created your aligners you get a kit that looks like this in the mail.  It has all of your aligners in it along with some fun freebies!  No kidding, the chapstick they send is my favorite of all time!  They also send a storage case for your aligners and some helpful tools to get them situated in your mouth correctly and to help get them out (which can be tricky when you are first getting started).  They also include whitening gel pens so not only will your teeth be perfectly straight, but also sparkling white!  They also send you emails when you need to switch your aligners to a new set.  The support team is always super friendly and helpful if you need anything as well.

I am a little over half way through my treatment now and I can already tell a big difference.  Not just in the way that my teeth look, but also the way I bite down and chew.  You need to wear your aligners as much as possible, but take them out when eating or drinking anything besides water. That took some time to get used to, but the trade off of not having metal in my mouth all the time was well worth it.

Here is a before I started treatment picture and you can see how my teeth have shifted out of line since braces.  I don't do selfies alone so thanks to my bud Courtney on the left for being in the pic with me ;)

This picture was taken just a week ago half way through my treatment.  I can't believe how much they have changed and I still have a couple of months to go.

 My whole treatment is for 5 months. Treatment time is based on the severity of your teeth and how often you wear your aligners.  I have been so pleased with my experience so far and highly recommend Smile Direct Club if you are thinking about braces or aligners.  I will be sure to update you guys at the end of my treatment with all of the befores and afters!

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