Fawn Design Bag Review

There is no accessory quite as important as a good diaper bag in mom world, bonus points if it's stylish!  The Fawn Design diaper bags are seriously the best.   I have been using it for a couple of months now and it is hands down my fave (and I have A LOT of bags).  So why is it so great you ask?

First of all, it is made of real leather and comes in a variety of pretty colors, the pink caught my eye immediately! It has 10 deep pockets total and the two on the outside are deep enough to hold sippy cups, all the mamas just said Amen!  The inside of the bag and pockets flip out to clean, just in case one of these sippy cups spill ;) Having two kids, the ability to wear the bag as a back pack is a must!  The backpack straps are wide for comfort and fit.  This is how I use it most of the time.  It does come with a shoulder strap that is great for just throwing on for short distances.  All of the straps easily adjust so it is very comfortable to wear. I love that it doesn't look like a traditional diaper bag.  I have people compliment me on it all of the time, even people without kids!
Probably my favorite thing is it comes in a mini style, why are things so much cuter in miniature sizes??  Olivia loves her mini and we use it for everything from dance class to shoving all of her LOL dolls in for a trip.  She loves to pack her own bag and I love that we match so it's a win-win! 
If you have been on the fence about trying one of these gorgeous bags do it!  I promise you will love it!  I am already scoping out their new spring colors here and trying to decide which one I need next!

Lorena Canals Washable Rug Review

This room was actually Olivia's first bedroom in this house.  It will always be special to me because of that.  When Jack was born we decided to go ahead and move both of the kids upstairs to new rooms and this room sat empty for a while.  It is right off the kitchen and prime location in our home so I knew we could make it something fun again!
We are slowly transitioning it into a den/office/playroom (to get the massive amount of toys out of the main living room).  So far we have a desk and computer set up and the couch and entertainment center...oh and tons of toys of course.  I love how bright this space is and the kids love to come play in here.  We will eventually get another television for this room, but for now it is a great space to play and hang out.
I knew I wanted a soft, comfy rug that the kids couldn't destroy and I came across this beauty  from Lorena Canals and it was perfect.  First of all the design is beautiful and would work in so many spaces so this rug will be with us for a long time!  It is 100 percent cotton which is huge when selecting rugs that you are going to be spending lots of time sitting and playing on, no shedding and no itching!  That's not even the best part though, it's washable. Yep, you read that right!  You can put the rug right in your washer at home if the kids (or you ha!) spill something on it.  I was sold immediately on that!
The kids love playing in here and this rug is so comfy I like to sit with them and enjoy this little space!  Check out all of the adorable machine washable rugs here and find one to fit your space.  They are so great for nurseries and bedrooms too!  I'll be sharing more of this room as we get it done!
Happy Monday!