Dining Room Update

Our dining room is probably the least used room in the house so it has been very neglected in terms of decor since we moved in.  It also happens to be the first room you see when you walk in so I wanted it to be cozy and inviting.  I have jumped on the farmhouse style bandwagon with both feet!  I decided I wanted an old fireplace mantle to complete the space and really give ti some warmth.  I started my search on craigslist months ago and finally came across the perfect piece on Facebook marketplace!  She was old, dirty and pretty plain when I got her, but gosh she cleans up nice!


 only Before picture I snapped 

I started by just cleaning the piece really well.  I liked the white color so after it was dry I got busy distressing it.  I ended up having to use an electric handheld sander because there were approximately 743 coats of paint on this baby.  I finished it off with sealing wax.  I chose this one and it worked great and was super easy to work with.

My husband anchored it to the wall in the dining room and I added the finishing touches of decor.

I cannot wait to decorate it for every holiday!

I also added a few new pieces to the room.  I found these barn doors at hobby lobby and added this magnolia wreath and I love how it turned out.  I got the gather wood cut out from Jane.com, but I cannot remember the actual retailer that sells them.

I am so happy with how the room turned out.  Next project:  refinish the farmhouse table from outside to go in here!

I will update you guys with pictures as we get started on the next project!  Happy Friday!

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