Big Girl Room Update

We moved Olivia into her new room almost 3 years ago and we haven't really touched it since.  I wanted to give it a little freshening up and when I saw Rocky Mountain Decals removable wallpaper I knew it was just perfect for my girly girl.  I hung every last piece myself and let me tell you, it was not easy, but the end result was definitely worth it.  I should also say I am terrible at DIY projects and have no patience so if I can do it, then anyone can! The high quality vinyl is very forgiving.. even if you happen to fold the sticky sides into each other like someone I know.  The helpful squeegee tool gets out all of the lumps and bumps for a smooth finish.  I just stare at the beautiful wall every time I go in there now.  Olivia loves it and says she has a real princess room now.   

I chose the Bella floral design because I loved the whimsy flowers and it has pink, peach and even a light shade of lavender so it will match so much and grow with her as we change the room up in the future.  

The super talented Glitter Party Co designed the Olivia Jane banner and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out!  I think it adds the perfect touch of glitz to the room. 

I got the original bedding that we used in the room from Target and while I liked the look it was just not very functional.  I found Beddy's bedding and knew it would be great for Olivia's room.  Her bed is an antique Jenny Lind that was mine when I was a little girl.  It is so special to me and I love the look of it, but the design makes it such a pain to make.  The design behind the Beddy's bedding is seriously genius.  It is a fitted sheet, flat sheet and comforter in one (think sleeping bag for the bed, just much cuter).  I love the ease of only having to lift the mattress once to get the bedding on and then the top layer just easily zips up. It also makes making the bed on a daily basis so easy and it keeps her room looking neat and put together in just a few seconds each day! Pretty sure we need these for every bed in the house now ;)

It is amazing how just a few new changes can make the room look brand new!  Most importantly, Olivia loves it all and that makes all the hard work worth it :)

Incredibundles Review and Giveaway!

Fact: mail time is the best time of the day (or is that nap time?)!  Mail time is made even more fun with cute bundled gifts that are sure to brighten your little ones day.  We teamed up with Incredibundles to share their fun boxes and there is a giveaway at the end so stay tuned!

Incredibundles are changing up the typical baby shower and birthday gifts for kids.  They come in adorable reusable storage boxes that hold everything neatly and stylishly.  They offer monthly subscription boxes including a year of books, toys and even diapers!  They have so many different bundle options and you even have the option to build your own bundle from items listed on their site!

My littles love to read so a book bundle was a must have.  We choose the bed time book bundle since most of our reading is done before bed.  I love board books.  They are easy for the kids to hold and they also hold up well to the wear and tear of toddlers.  Olivia and Jack loved them all!

Incredibundles has a team of child development experts that help them choose the perfect toys and books to grab the attention of your kids and enrich their minds.  You can see all of the different bundle options here

Incredibundles has been generous enough to offer one of you a $50 credit!  Head to my Instagram page here and enter to win!  Be sure to remember these fun boxes the next time you need a gift or just want to shower your little one with a little extra something!

Dining Room Update

Our dining room is probably the least used room in the house so it has been very neglected in terms of decor since we moved in.  It also happens to be the first room you see when you walk in so I wanted it to be cozy and inviting.  I have jumped on the farmhouse style bandwagon with both feet!  I decided I wanted an old fireplace mantle to complete the space and really give ti some warmth.  I started my search on craigslist months ago and finally came across the perfect piece on Facebook marketplace!  She was old, dirty and pretty plain when I got her, but gosh she cleans up nice!


 only Before picture I snapped 

I started by just cleaning the piece really well.  I liked the white color so after it was dry I got busy distressing it.  I ended up having to use an electric handheld sander because there were approximately 743 coats of paint on this baby.  I finished it off with sealing wax.  I chose this one and it worked great and was super easy to work with.

My husband anchored it to the wall in the dining room and I added the finishing touches of decor.

I cannot wait to decorate it for every holiday!

I also added a few new pieces to the room.  I found these barn doors at hobby lobby and added this magnolia wreath and I love how it turned out.  I got the gather wood cut out from, but I cannot remember the actual retailer that sells them.

I am so happy with how the room turned out.  Next project:  refinish the farmhouse table from outside to go in here!

I will update you guys with pictures as we get started on the next project!  Happy Friday!