Christmas Advent Bucket List

The first day of December is finally here! It is actually cold outside and we are loving it!
This year seems like a big year for Christmas in our house.  Olivia really "gets" it finally and I want to make sure both of my children know the true meaning behind Christmas.  It is so easy to get swept away with Santa and presents and not celebrate what Christmas is all about.  Let me say that I am the first one to get pumped up about the Christmas section at Target.  I am trying to find the balance in the excitement of it all and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I picked up an advent stocking set last year on clearance after Christmas and I have been so excited to break it out.  My plans were to put a scripture and a small activity or gift in each little stocking.  To be honest, that just sounds too overwhelming and I have no idea what kind of schedule we will have this month. Just keeping it real haha! I tend to go a tad bit overboard, especially when I am excited about something.  I am purposely scaling back just a little to get my heart and mind in the right spirit.  So I picked up a copy of The Story of Christmas for us to read today because the kids love to read and we will start with that.  I do have a lot of fun things I want to do this holiday season so I made a small bucket list of activities that we can do and check off our list! 
1. Go to the Christmas parade, yay!
2. Make ginger bread houses
3. Have a pop corn and hot chocolate family movie night
4.  Ride around and look at Christmas lights
5.  Make a Christmas wish list
6. Have a baking day (or two or three)
7. Take a wagon ride around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols
8.  Make homemade Christmas ornaments with hand/foot prints
9.  Go see SANTA
10. Attempt to go ice skating
11. Stay in Christmas pajamas ALL DAY (hopefully multiple times)
12.  Attend the candle light service at church (without catching anyone - or thing on fire)
Lofty goals I know.
I am sure there will be lots of festive breakfast and plenty of cute, matching outfits sprinkled all throughout the month.  As well as having Christmas Vacation and Elf on repeat.  Most of all I want to enjoy this sweet time with my family and make sure they have the best Christmas yet.  I found this advent reading plan and we are going to read it with Olivia and Jack each night.  My hope is we grow closer together as a family and to Jesus this year. 
Happy first day of December! 

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