Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is easily one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.  Celebrating with family, baking up yummy treats, picking out and decorating our family Christmas tree! Add in a little crazy black Friday shopping and a whole lot of dressing and it just doesn't get much better.
This year we started the tradition of Elf on the Shelf for the kids.  And by we I totally mean just me, Chad has his reservations about these mischievous mess makers.  Thanksgiving morning I had a special breakfast for the kids introducing the elves and Olivia named them, Ruby and Rudolph. 
After way too many powered doughnuts Olivia and I started whipping up some goodies in the kitchen.  We made a homemade caramel pound cake with caramel frosting for dinner at Nana's and our traditional cinnamon butter to give to friends and family.  It is the easiest thing to make and so delicious on toast and especially warm crescent rolls..yum!
Cinnamon Butter
4 stick unsalted butter softened
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup honey
5 tsp ground cinnamon
add all ingredients to bowl (or stand mixer) and mix until it has a light, fluffy whipped texture

We had the most delicious turkey dinner at my mom's and celebrated with my sister's family as well.  After we came out of our food comas we headed outside to let the kiddos play since the weather was so nice.
I am so very thankful for my little family.  They make me so unbelievably happy and I cannot believe they are mine!

I picked out matching dresses for the little lady and I and Olivia was so excited to match me.  She insisted we get a solo picture to document the cuteness ;)
Friday morning my sister Ashley and I went black Friday shopping.  It was every bit as crazy and it sounds.  We spent 3 solid hours in target alone.  We got some pretty good deals and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit to get out in the madness, just a little bit.
When I got home Chad and I loaded up the kids and headed to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree.  Pictures do not so justice to how beautiful the sunset was. 
We walked for what seemed like forever but we finally found the perfect one.  It was getting late when we got home so we had thanksgiving leftovers for dinner and got the kids to bed before bringing the tree in.  I decided to go ahead and put the lights on the tree so the kids could get straight to decorating the next morning.  I even got a special ornament and wrote a note from the elves giving them all of the credit (nice, huh)
Olivia was so particular about where she put each ornament.  I even left some of them clustered together just how she put them, because she totally knows where she put each one.  Jack picks an ornament off of the tree every time he walks by and runs for it, as expected.  Good thing we went with non breakable ornaments this year.  Target for the win!!
We even did a little exterior illumination although that went pretty much like, string one strand, rescue Jack from running into the road and repeat so we will have to finish later during one of his many nap times.
The weekend ended with full hearts and even fuller bellies.  I am so excited the holiday season is finally here and we plan to make the most of it. Matching jammies and all!
When your sister steals your lovie and tries to make you think it was your idea to give it to her ;)
I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving!  Happy Monday friends!

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