Halloween 2016

Months ago Olivia started asking to be different things for Halloween.  I tried really hard not to be that pushy mom and let her pick her own costume, but she flip flopped twice a day on what she wanted to be.  One day at the happiest place on earth Target she spotted a red Ariel wig and she was hooked.  She is constantly asking me for different colored hair, this kid is so crazy sometimes.  She says, "when I am 16 I will have brown hair, like Elena (of Avalor for you non Disney junior watchers)" or "when I go to the beach I get to have red hair like Ariel".  As much as it pained me to buy store bought costumes instead of making them we bought the Ariel costume for her and the Sabastian costume for Jack - which was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  Chad and I were not planning to dress up and literally 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave our house I decided to throw together a make shift prince Eric and Ursula costume for us.  It is amazing what you can do with some felt and a hot glue gun ;)

We went to my sister Ashley's house for our traditional taco soup dinner and took the kids trick or treating in their neighborhood.  Olivia was a little shy at first and made me or Chad say "trick or treat" for her, but she warmed up quickly.  Soon she was racing Ava Grace to see who could get to the door bell the quickest and happily chirping "trick or treat" and "thank you very much" at each house. 

 Hey sis, you gonna share?
Jack hitched a ride in the wagon with Mason for a while, then got out to join the fun - a.k.a run amok in the streets while Chad chased him around.  Goldfish and suckers kept him a pretty happy camper even though his head piece was covering his eyes most of the night ha!

We skipped bath time because it was already so late and tucked the kids in way past their bed times with WAY too much sugar in their bellies.  The magic of Halloween seen through your children's eyes is so amazing.  I love getting to experience these special times with them, seeing their faces light up with each piece of candy they get in their buckets.  And Jack only made it past the candy bucket into one house where I had to go drag him out so I consider the night a success!
I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  We have Christmas oils in the diffuser and all of the spiders and witch hats are being packed away until next year. 
Bring on the Christmas, I mean Thanksgiving cheer!
Happy November first.

Also, I have to share the cutest little pumpkin that I ever did see!  Olivia's 3k teacher made them these little shirts and hats and when I went to pick her up from school she was wearing this and grinning from ear to ear.  She said it was the "funnest day ever!" and she was most excited that she got to wear her pumpkin outfit on the play ground.  I just love her little school and all of the fun stuff they get to do!


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