Big Girl Status

Olivia has been asking for ear rings for a few months now.  I never really set an age limit on when she could get them pierced.  I just always said when she was ready and really wanted them.  My mama heart kinda thought that would be older than three.  I know, I'm a little nuts.  I mean, lots of babies have their ears pierced and it isn't that big of a deal.  To me though, it is just her asserting her independence in another way.  At 3 years and 4 months old Olivia is growing up and changing right before my eyes.  She is so strong willed and while that is very challenging at times now, I know that she will be such an amazing woman someday.  She knows exactly what she wants, whether it be what dress she picks out for school, who she wants to play with or what song I am allowed to sing her before bed.  She has always been obsessed with Jack, but as he is getting bigger she is treating him differently lately, more like her friend and less like a baby.  She talks to him like she would her cousins or friends.  Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, she took him by the hand and pulled him over to the rug and asked him if he wanted to play ponies with her.  She picked him out a few and gave them to him telling him their names and what they liked to do.  Jack totally went along with it, smiling and just happy she was handing him toys instead of taking them away.  My heart just melts when I see them playing so sweetly together.  She now asks me to take her picture and poses for me.  She loves school and comes home talking about new friends all the time.  She is learning about Jesus at school and wants to tell me about her bible stories which makes me so very proud and I know that I made the right decision sending her to school this year.  She loves reading, changing her clothes 17 times a day and sleeping in her favorite twirl dresses instead of pajamas.  So ear rings were just another reminder that my baby girl has a mind of her own and some serious style.  She picked out pink sparkly flowers for her piercing ear rings.  She was so brave and sat in the chair all by herself.  There were a few tears right when they did it, she later told me the loud click in her ears was scary haha.  She could not wait to show them off, especially to her cousin and bestie Ava.
We celebrated with some chips and cheese dip with brother and Nana.  
I am just so proud of this beautiful little girl.  She is growing up too fast, but she still wants me to sing to her and rub her hair before bed so I soak up every minute she still needs me. 

I have to admit, they look pretty cute on her.  She looks way older, but so pretty.  The best thing is how much she loves them and how big she thinks she is now.  Just don't grow up too fast now baby girl!

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