Olivia's Big Girl Room

I am so excited to finally share Olivia's big girl room!  Since she stayed in her crib until almost 3 (if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it) it was so fun to design a theme around her new bed.  I wanted the room to have a princess feel with a little whimsy, something that could grow with her.  I kept the walls neutral so we can add pops of color with bedding and décor. 
This bed is so special to me.  My grandmother (who lives in heaven now) got it for me and my sis when we were little girls.  It is a Jenny Lind and she got it from an antique shop over 25 years ago.  I had it restored and it could not have turned out more perfect.  The stairs were made to match and only needed a fresh coat of paint to bring them back to life.  I let Olivia choose some fun bedding from Target.  I may regret the white comforter , but for now I love the way it looks.  The tassel garland above the bed adds just the right amount of color to the room!
The antique vanity dresser was also mine when I was a child.  I had a friend refinish it to go in Olivia's nursery and she absolutely loves it now.  She climbs up and looks at herself in the mirror with all of her princess gear on.  You can see her finger prints and kiss marks on the mirror ;)
I found the chest of drawers on a facebook trading site and Chad stripped and stained them.  I got the handles from Hobby Lobby.  I keep all of Olivia's dress up tutus and crowns in a basket that is easy to reach so she can get out all of her goodies herself.  The unicorn head usually has a tiara on top of it too.

Olivia is a true girly girl and loves accessories.  I wanted a fun way to display all of her pretties so she could see what she had to wear.  These shelves are just tall enough that she (or baby bro) cannot reach them, but she can point to what she wants and I can get them for her.  I used command hooks and tied some bakers twine to them and simply clipped the bows to the twine. This keeps the bows from being crushed in drawers.  I put all of her glitter clips and bows in a jar on the top shelf.  I stuck a few push pins in an old picture frame with the glass removed and hung a few of her bracelets on there.  We keep these glass jars all over the house.  I use them to store everything from sugar to qtips to sunglasses and headbands.  They are great and you can find them at Walmart and Target pretty cheap. I keep a couple on her dresser to store her extra bows that don't fit on the shelves.  I cannot wait to change these shelves out with festive bows and jewelry for the holidays!

I get asked all of the time where I find Olivia's bows so I am linking a few of my favorite shops below!  I hope you love them as much as I do!
The bookshelves are actually picture ledges and very affordable.  We change out the books all of the time depending on current favorites and holidays. The "Make Believe" print is from one of my favorite bloggers and chalk artist's shop.  The Pottery Barn everywhere chair is loved by all around here.  She reads in it every night and bonus that it has a handle so we can move it from room to room for snuggle time.
I fell in love with this Girly Type print, it looks like it is sold out right now.  It is part of Olivia's bed time routine every night.  Chad holds her up and she points and says every letter.  It used to drive me crazy that there were little finger prints all over it, but they are only little for a very little while.  I am so glad she loves to learn so I will let the finger prints slide for now ;)
Thanks for stopping by for the tour.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I tried to link most everything that I could.  If you have any questions about anything, just ask :)


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  2. That is so Cute! Love the big bed and all the little things you did to dill it up!

    1. Thank you so much!! I had so much fun decorating and styling it :)

  3. Love this! What color are the walls? That bed looks like the bed I had as a child, so nostalgic.