Five on Friday

We have had a really exciting week around here.  The kids are tucked away in bed and I am just now getting around to sharing our Friday Favorites.  Better late than never, right?

one.  Olivia started 3K preschool this week and I was way less emotional than I thought I would be.  Girlfriend has done amazing and I could not be a prouder mama.  She is a little shy when I walk her in, but no tears so I consider that a win.  She is so excited to see me when I come to pick her up and tells me how happy she is and how much fun she had.  I know now that we definitely made the right decision sending her this year.  I made this 3K banner and it was super easy and affordable.  I will do a tutorial later with links to where I got the supplies.

two.  Dance class also started back this week.  Olivia has grown leaps and bounds (see what I did there? never miss an opportunity for a good pun) since last year.  The biggest thing is just her coming out of her shell in front of others.  She pranced right into class and did her thing with no nerves and she had a blast!  Also, the leotard she is wearing is from one of our favorite shops Alice and Ames.  This is where I get all of Olivia's awesome twirl dresses.  Enter code BYESUMMER for an extra 20 percent off your purchase through this weekend!

three.  I found the most amazing bedding on major sale at Anthropologie. It is super soft and oh so pretty.  Are you noticing the polka dotted theme yet? ;)
four.  I just started drinking coffee about a month ago, I know crazy right??  So imagine my excitement when I was perusing through target and spotted this cutie.  Give me ALL the polka dots!  Now that I am an official coffee drinker, well cream with a little bit of coffee ;) I need your favorite coffee drinks please!

five.  Jack got his first hair cut and dude is not a fan.  I would have never imagined this experience would be so traumatic.  He started crying immediately when I sat him in the chair so I tried holding him to calm him down to no avail.  It ended with him in a headlock, lots of tears and both of us covered in hair, but he looks so cute and so much older.  Why do they have to grow so fast??? 
Sis tried to make him feel better, but he was having none of it.  And yep, more dots on Olivia's Free Babes bow.

six. Ok I lied, I have six things to share this week ;)  The temperature finally dropped below 90 degrees so we headed outside for a little dinner al fresco with some sweet friends.  Frozen pizza, french fries, homemade ranch and watermelon on paper plates please.  The best part is the easy clean up!  Oh, did you notice the bowls?  Can't stop, won't stop!  If you are as polka dot crazy as I am and I realize probably no one is Target has a promo for 10 percent off through the weekend with code 48HOURS
There you have it!  Hope you all have the best weekend and click here to check out the other Five on Friday posts :)
 I leave you with these cuties keepin it real in Target.  Sometimes I just want to twirl down the isles of Target too baby girl.  Except I want to do it alone, with coffee, no, wine in hand!  Cheers to the weekend!

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