Family Beach Vacay

Our big family beach trip is always a highlight of the summer.  The kids are so excited to have unlimited cousin time and hours of fun in the sun. And they may even get to skip a few naps here and there gasp! Olivia is at such a fun age for beach trips right now.  She loves the ocean, building sand castles and jumping waves is this girl's jam.  I am pleased to report that beach time with Jack being able to walk was so much better than when he was crawling.  He still shoveled sand into his mouth like he had never eaten before, but he did so with a smile on his face.  The water was so beautiful.  It made me feel like we were in the Caribbean or somewhere other than the Gulf .  We had the best week!
Major photo dump about to commence:

My favorite night of the trip was our crab hunting adventure.  We all strapped on head band flash lights and took the kids down to the ocean to find crabs.  My savage of a husband grabbed a huge one with his bare hands which resulted in lots of high pitched screams from the girls. 

We take a group photo every year with my sis and her kids.  Our little group keeps on growing bigger and this was the first year in four years that one of us wasn't preggo for the picture.  I just love all of our sweet babies!

It was sad to leave the beach this year because it means summer is almost over.  While I will not be missing this heat one bit, our days are about to get busier with Olivia starting preschool and our schedule free days are over.  Fall is the best though and there are so many wonderful things to look forward to coming up!  Farewell sweet summer time!

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