Olivia's 3rd Birth Day

We are having the kids a joint birthday party this upcoming weekend, but you know I cannot let an actual birthday pass by without celebrating just a little.  Olivia has always loved the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" books.  Her favorite happens to be "Happy Birthday Mouse".  In the book mouse gets to choose whatever he wants to eat for breakfast on his birthday from lots of yummy stuff.  Any time I asked Olivia what she wanted for her birthday she immediately said, cupcakes and waffles and brownies and muffins and doughnuts!  So you know what mama had to make, right?

I put together a small for me spread and invited some of her friends over to celebrate with us.  We had lots of yummy sweet and mimosas for the moms because you can't party with 12 children without a little alcohol.  Jack slept right through most of the rumpus somehow.  The kiddos played so well together and even put on a dress up show for us in Olivia's princess gear.

  Calvin was killing it as the token prince.  He had all of the fair maidens lined up to marry him at one point!  Olivia was also super excited to show off her new big girl princess bed.  I am still in shock at how well she adjusted from the crib.  She absolutely loves her new bed!
After Chad got home I had all of her presents set up in her room for her to open since her bed was technically a birthday present too.  She had waited so patiently all day to open presents and she practically ran up the stairs to see all of her goodies. It is so cool to see things through your children's eyes.  She was so excited for single thing she opened up.  It made my heart so happy.

For dinner she requested spaghetti and bread sticks.  Although, I am pretty sure that Jack enjoyed his meal more than all of us put together. 

For dessert I made a yellow cake with pink frosting just as the birthday girl wished.  We sang "happy birthday" no less than 7 times and let her blow out her candle each time.  She asked me before bed if she could still be three tomorrow and I told her she would.  She gave the biggest grin and we all went to bed with full bellies and happy hearts.

And just like that I have a three year old.

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