Olivia Jane 3 Years Old

I think I have been putting off writing this post because if I am being honest, it hurts my heart to think my baby girl is three years old.  Time is flying by and she is growing up right before my eyes.  What an amazing little lady we have.
She is so beautiful.  I sit and stare at her all of the time.  Looking at her eyes and her long lashes, her pretty red lips and perfect skin.  I'm sure other moms do this too (please say you do so I don't think I am a weirdo).  It is hard for me to believe that I helped create such a perfect little human.
She has such a funny little personality. 
It takes her a minute to warm up to new people and she will stare you down trying to figure you out.  I know a lot of the shyness is probably from her just being at home with me all of the time and I am sure she will probably grow out of it when she starts pre-school this fall.  I cannot believe it is time for that already! 
My girl is so smart.  She can count to 20 with ease, can recognize all of her letters and numbers by sight, has several books memorized, knows every Disney princess and their theme song and will not hesitate to sing it for you.  She is too smart for her own good sometimes.  I always have to explain everything to her.  A simple yes or no does not cut it.  She needs to know why and will argue with me if she thinks I am wrong.  If I ask her to do something and she doesn't do it and I have to ask her again she tells me "hold on, I'm thinking".  Seriously kid, how old are you?  She knows her birthday and will proudly tell you she is 3 (while holding up 3 fingers) if you ask her.  She also knows Chad and my real name including middle names.  She knows Jack's and her own too as well as her cousins and Heath and Ashley.  She remembers things I think there is no way she will remember.  She surprises me all the time with things that I have said forever ago and she will call me out on it.
Her cousins "tousins" are her favorite people on Earth. Ava is the first person she asks to see every morning and the first person she prays for at night.  They say they are best friends and I am so happy they have each other.  My sister and I are so blessed to have babies close together.  It is such a joy watching them grow up together. 
She loves Jack so much too!  Maybe even a little too much at times.  She is always hugging and kissing on him, even when he is trying to get away.  She loves to chase him around and have him chase her.  He is on the verge of walking and that is going to be so much fun when he can really play with her more on her level.  They are so sweet together it melts my heart.
Stubborn as ever.  Sometimes I want to pull all of my hair out trying to get through a rough day.  She is the most strong willed child I have ever seen.  She has taught me so much about my own personality and I have to work so hard to parent with grace and forgiveness.  Sometimes in the middle of a melt down if I just stop and pick her up and hug her it diffuses everything.  She is as sweet as she is stubborn.  She loves to sit in my lap and always wants me to tickle her back.  She is my snuggle bug and I love every second of it.  Since she doesn't nap anymore we have rest time in the afternoon while Jack naps. I try to pick up and clean around the house, but she always asks me to come snuggle with her and I really can't resist that.  So dirty floors it is around here ;)
Her imagination is amazing!  She loves playing with her little princess figurines and her castle.  The dialogue she creates between them blows me away.  She will play by herself for at least an hour like that.  I love to play with her too.  I think we are getting to the stage where she will start enjoying barbies and I see a dream house in her Christmas future!  Barbies were my favorite growing up and I am so excited to share that with her.
She is always dancing and twirling around the house.  She sings her princess songs all of the time and knows every word.  She loves for me to dance silly with her.  She copies everything I do and thinks I am a fantastic dancer.  She giggles and has the best time. Jack and Chad look at us like we are crazy.
The food situation is not so great right now.  I seriously don't know how she survives.  She barely eats anything at all.  I think she would eat cheezits for every meal if she could.  The only saving grace is the amount of fruit we eat around here.  She loves blue berries, strawberries, oranges, apples, grapes and watermelon.  I try to give her at least one fruit with every meal so at least she eats something.  I am hoping she will grow out of it soon.
She loves going shopping with me wherever I am going.  Her favorite and mine is Target.  Who doesn't love a good cake pop?  She is my little buddy most of the time, but when it is time for bed she wants her Daddy.  She tells me every night that I can put her to bed "tomorrow".  I love that they have that sweet bond.  He takes her up to read books and brush teeth while I put Jack down. I come in for prayers and then Chad sings to her and lays her down.
She has gotten super picky about what she wears. If she had her way she would wear a princess costume every single day.  A lot of days I let her do just that. On days I put up the fight to make her wear real clothing she has these stipulations: it has to be a dress, preferably pink and have a tutu and you cannot forget the twirl factor. She also wants to pick out her own shoes, bow, necklace and bracelets.  I really do love that she is so girly.  It makes it super fun to buy her clothes and she truly gets so excited when a new dress comes in the mail.  I have created a monster.
She got a new big girl bed for her birthday and has been sleeping so well in it.  It was way past time to give up the crib, but I was just scared to rock the boat when sleep was going so well.  She lays down like a big girl and sleeps all night - in big girl panties!!!  She has been potty trained for a long time, but still wearing pull ups to bed.  I didn't really push the issue and after waking up dry for about the last month getting a new bed seemed like the right time to say goodbye to those pull ups too.  She hasn't had any accidents yet, so far so good!
I have to share a few toddler tales she has said lately.  I wish I could remember every thing she says because she is so darn funny.
Me: You have Cheetos all over your face, let me wipe you off
Olivia: But it's ok, we can clean it off tomorrow
After waking up at 5:55am at the beach
"mommy, I'm boring, I need to go downstairs now"
"I have a booger in my nose, but you don't need to get it because I already got it out with my finger and threw it on the floor"
When she sees Chad and I hugging she runs over and says "group hug" for approximately 2 seconds then "ok, that's enough" and pushes us apart.
To my baby girl
I have loved you since the moment I knew you were in my belly.  I never knew I could love the way that I love you.  I am so incredibly proud to be mommy to you and Jack.  I love watching you live life.  You are so full of joy and you are on 100 percent energy all of the time.  I love watching your sweet face light up when you get excited.  I love being the one to comfort you.  I love our snuggle time and I hope you want to sit in my lap forever.  I love how much you love your brother and how sweet you are to help me so much with him.  You are such a special and beautiful little girl and you are so very loved.  God has big plans for you and I promise to be here for you every step of the way.  Thank you for being the my little girl!  I love you to the moon and back my angel!
Photography by my amazing friend Heather Kemp Photography

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