Mermaids and Pirates

Summer birthdays are the best!  There are really so many possibilities for parties and the planner inside me gets giddy thinking about them.  When I was pregnant and found out Jack was going to be a boy I knew Mermaids and Pirates was a must do.  It helps that Olivia is currently obsessed with mermaids.  So here's the truth, I slacked big time with this party.  I did not even go shopping for decorations until 2 days before, stayed up all night 2 nights in a row and threw it together last minute.  I also like to do big DIY projects for parties so I was really kicking myself for not starting on it sooner.  I think it turned out really fun though!  

I made the streamer backdrop from plastic table cloths.  It was not hard at all, just super time consuming, but it really gave the under the sea vibe I was going for.  We had a mix of pirate and mermaid food like peg legs (corn dogs) and seaweed dip (spinach dip).  I took a picture of a cake I liked to Publix and I think they did a fabulous job. 
The weather gave us a little hiccup with rain right as the party started.  We decided to go ahead and eat, do cake and presents while we waited for the rain to stop.  Jack tore right into his little cupcake and had blue icing from ear to ear.  I had to hose him down in the tub immediately after so he was naked, diaper boy until pool time.

Olivia pretty much opened both her and Jack's presents, but he didn't mind too much.  He crawled around in his diaper trying to sneak a bite of tissue paper here and there. 

After presents the sun was shining so we all hit the pool.  The kids played so hard and we were all ready to get to bed before the sun went down.  Jack even slept thought the night - whoo hoo!

Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate with us.  It was such a fun party!  I cannot believe my baby boy will be one in 2 weeks.  I half way pretended this party was just for Olivia because my heart cannot take the fact that he is almost one.  If you need me I'll just be over here in denial that my babies are growing up so fast. 

Now it is time to get ready to celebrate the 4th of July and we are pumped up for a weekend at the lake! 
Happy Tuesday friends!

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