Memorial Day Beach Trip

We celebrated the unofficial start to summer with a short beach trip!  I think we were all in need of a little vacay and this weekend was just a little teaser of what fun this summer holds.  And by fun I mean wrestling a 24 pound man child who wants nothing more than to crawl around on the nasty ground or eat sand by the handfuls.  I am seriously praying this child is walking by the next time we go to the beach in July.  I am not trying to be negative and I love my family and beach vacations, but there is no sugar coating the work that involved right now ;)  There is something so magical about first times, especially the first time chubby toes touch the sand and ocean.  I will cherish these moments forever.

This was a special trip since it was Jack's first time at the beach.  He was pretty much exactly as I anticipated, a hot mess.  He wanted in the sand, to eat the sand, scrub it in his eyes and pretty much anywhere else he could reach.  We brought a blow up pool (that failed to contain him) to put under the umbrella, but he preferred to crawl at lightning speed head first into the ocean hang out in the sand.

Olivia had a blast in the ocean.  She loved jumping the waves and would have stayed in there all day.  We built sand castles and dug holes and ran up and down the beach.  It was so exhausting and so much fun!  We had a little trouble getting Olivia to sleep our first night there.  She has never slept with us before so she was just out of her element.  She adjusted and ended liking I think.  She pretty much slept on top of Chad the whole time.  Jack did great in the pack and play and amazingly they didn't wake each other up.  Olivia was in heaven having her cousins there to play with the whole time. These two princesses love each other so much!
Early mornings aren't always a bad thing, especially when they start with a doughnut run.  Olivia taught Jack the lesson of the early bird gets the worm ;)
I tried to get a festive picture of the kids, but as the story goes, they were more interested in the sand and each other than looking at me.  They still look pretty cute though.  By the time we got to dinner Jack needed a little extra encouragement and the bucket hat was just the trick to allow me to eat approximately 5 bites of my dinner haha!

We had such a fun trip, long days with sandy babies, staying up way too late, waking up even earlier, late night pool parties, surprisingly easy car rides, mostly just soaking up this precious time with my family.  We are so blessed and thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep our country safe.  Happy Memorial Day!
I guess summer starts here!

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