Dance Recital

I am so incredibly proud of my tiny dancer.  She was barely two when dance began and she has come a long way from crying her first day of class.  Dance class was the first activity that she did without me there and we were both nervous about it at first.  I cannot believe how tiny she was when she started!
Recital weekend was so fun.  She cried when I had to leave her backstage for practice and I was so afraid she was going to freak out and not dance at all.  I was shocked when the lights and music came on and my girl was all smiles and dancing so big!  Then it was my turn to cry ;) 
The next day for the big show she was nothing short of ecstatic to get on stage.  She lined up with her besties and acted so grown up.

These girls danced their hearts out and they did wonderful.  We are taking the summer off, but we will start dance back in the fall.  It has been such a fun experience for the both of us!  I guess I am an official dance mom now ;)

We had a special guest come down to visit and watch the recital, Grandma (Chad's mom)!  Olivia was so excited to see her and have her watch her on her big day.
So very proud of this beautiful little lady!  Love you to the moon and back!


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