What a Weekend!

We are getting geared up for summer around here.  Warmer weather means lots of time outside and fun stuff to do!  Friday totally counts as the weekend for us and we usually have some sort of fun play date planned.  Last Friday we went to the zoo with our friends Katie, Ritter and the rest of the residents of the Birmingham area.  It was packed out, but we had a great time.  Olivia is still a little skittish around Ritter, but she wasn't too shy when he was holding the fish food ;)  The petting zoo and train ride remain favorites along with the monkey exhibits.  Our last trip Olivia begged to ride the camel only to freak out when the worker picked her up to put her on the camel and she wouldn't ride.  I was skeptical to but tickets again thinking she would probably do the same thing, but she was brave and rode like a big girl.  Poor Jack was passed out in the Ergo by this point.  He would have thought it was so cool, had he been awake and aware he was riding a camel.

Saturday we worked in the yard.  And by we I mean Chad worked and the kids and I played in the little pool and drew with side walk chalk.  Olivia did get in on some of the mulch spreading action a little later.  She has her very own wagon, shovel and rake and she was so proud of herself for helping.  She is going through a phase (gosh, I hope it's just a phase) where she is fighting me so hard on everything she wears.  It has to be a dress, pink, twirly and she prefers it have a tutu skirt.  She only let me put her hair up in pig tails because I told her she couldn't go outside without them haha!  She wants her hair down like Rapunzel all the time.  She's pretty cute though so I guess I can handle the sass for now.
Saturday evening I took Olivia as my date to a close family friend's wedding.  The cousins were there and these little girls had the best time.  The wedding and reception was in a big open field and they ran, played and danced their little hearts out.  We stayed up waaayyyy past our bed time, but it was totally worth it to see how happy she was. 

Sunday morning was Jack's favorite part of the weekend.  He got chocolate chip muffins for the first time and he wasn't shy about letting me know he loved them!  Poor buddy has been teething so bad lately. He pretty much has to be held or he comes and sits right on my feet and pulls on my legs.

We went to church and then Olivia and I headed out to a birthday party for one of her dance friends.  They have the best back yard ever.  Lots of big trees for shade, lots of room to run around and play and even zip lines!  How cool is that?  I thought Olivia would be scared, but she hung on and had the biggest smile the whole time.  She even did the big one for the adults.  It was such a fun party!

Dinner at Nana's and another night of late bedtimes.  Jack slept all the way through the night until 7am this morning.  He must have known mommy needed some sleep.  We are booked solid for the next few weekends and I can't wait!  Dance recital, beach, lake, summer here we come!

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