Friday Favorites // Favorite Books

It is no secret we love books around here.  I am always on the hunt for something new since we read all day long it seems.  Olivia has always loved to read and now she has a lot of her favorite books memorized and likes to read them to us and especially to Jack.  It always fascinates me which books she is drawn to.  They are not always the ones that I love, but I love seeing her little imagination and personality grow.  Jack loves to eat  read the touch and feel books and anything with a mirror will entertain him for a hot second.  He is so busy these days that he rarely makes it through a book.  I always have toys for him around and he plays and explores while Olivia and I read. 
I got these picture ledges from Target for both of their rooms and they are so cute to display their favorite books. The blue crayon marks don't come standard, courtesy of big sis ;) I should probably take a magic eraser to that I guess.  Anyways, here are Miss Olivia's current faves!

 The Pop Up Mice of Mr. Brice  It takes at least 15 minutes to read this book because of all of the fun pop ups and pull outs, but it is such a fun read!  We always get stuck finding Harriet about a million times ;)

Snack Time for Confetti is such a fun, colorful read.  This is one that Olivia can read almost verbatim and she thinks it is really funny!

Happy Birthday Mouse  We love all of the Mouse books so much!  This is the current favorite and I am pretty sure my child expects a full spread of muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, pancakes and cookies for breakfast on her birthday...and you know I am just crazy enough she might get them!

Flora the Flamingo  This is one that I really didn't like at first.  There aren't any words so mom gets to make up the story to go along with the picture, but it turned out to be really fun and the art is super cute!

Never Too Little to Love  I got this for one of their Valentine's baskets and we just haven't stopped reading it yet.  Love story between a mouse and a giraffe, yes please!

The Cat at Night  A journey of a farm kitty into the big city.  Olivia's favorite part is pointing out all of the city cats calling them the bad guys, haha!

The Digging-est Dog  Disclaimer:  I really don't like most Dr. Suess books.  They are long and usually don't make any sense to me, but this one is very good.  I used to read this one to my little brother and Olivia loves it just as much.

Pout Pout Fish  Seriously, the best rhyme book ever.  This one is so much fun to read.  We have different voices for all of the friends.  I am obsessed!  And I just found that there are more Pout Pout books!  We will be adding more to our collection for sure!

Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze  This was my favorite book when I was little and it still cracks me up to this day.  I love sharing things from my childhood with my children, makes it that much more fun!

You Are My Sunshine  Sweet little book that is simply the song that we all sing to our babies.  We love to read and sing along to this one.

Hug Machine  My own little hug machine adores this story.  She will ask me now, can I hug that? Of course, I am the hug machine!!!  I like it because I always get lots of love while reading it :)

We have books stashed in every room of the house and I am always looking for new ones.  In a culture so tuned into tablets and television I want to instill a love of books in my children.  Not that we don't watch tv or play with the ipad too.  There are just some things you can only find in books.  I will read to them as long as they will let me!  What are your favorites that I have to add to our collection??



  1. Every teenager I work with who loves to read tells me they also loved books at this age. Makes me so proud to see Ritter's school pictures throughout the day and he's always in a corner with a book. Some of our faves are:
    Pete the Cat - Rockin In My School Shoes
    Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes
    Pete the Cat - Pete and the New Guy
    The Fly Guy books (we get a new one every week at the library).
    See if you can find Press Here - it's a neat interactive book.
    Pout Pout Fish of course!
    And we LOVE the Little Blue Truck books
    oh and God Bless You Good Night is one of his favorites and he can recite the whole thing :)

    We will have to check out some of yours. We go to the library every friday and get a new stash for the week!

    1. We just discovered Pete the Cat and love him! We only have the Easter book so we will definitely have to get more. Thanks for the suggestions, we will try those out for sure!