Jack Emmett 9 Months Old

9 months in, 9 months out!  Oh the changes that take place in just 9 short months.  I cannot even begin to explain the joy and fun this handsome little boy brings to our lives, but let me try ;)
He is always smiling and laughing.  He has a zest for life and exploring his surroundings that is contagious.  It is so amazing seeing the world through your inquisitive little eyes.  He loves everyone, especially little kids (good thing we have an abundance of cousins around for entertainment). He really is all around the happiest baby and it is impossible not to smile and laugh back at him.
Happy 9 months my little love!
Official Stats
Weight: 21.5 pounds
Length: 29 inches
Clothing: size 12/18m
Diapers: size 4
Shoes: size 3, but I don't think they will last much longer 

Favorite things:
At the top of the list has to be the vacuum cleaner.  He can be across the house and hear my turn it on and he comes racing in at record speed to get it.  He will get right on top of it and bat at it and laugh.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  I don't understand the fascination, but it is pretty funny.  It  also means I cannot vacuum without holding him or I risk the chance of taking off one of those cute, chubby fingers.
He loves to pull up and stand on everything he can.  It doesn't take much, just a wall or toy or anything  slightly raised off the floor.  Olivia's favorite toy was her walker and I can't wait for him to start cruising around with one too.
Swinging.  We have been spending so much time out side lately with the beautiful weather and he is so happy just hanging out in his swing.

Meal time:
He is eating so great right now.  Still eating mostly what we eat, but he has started letting me feed him a little baby food here and there as well.  His favorite foods are spaghetti, blue berries, bananas, pizza and gerber yogurt melts.  He tears those up every time!  He eats his veggies good too and I try to make sure he has at least one with lunch and dinner.  We are all about the fruit and waffles for breakfast, just like big sis.

It is so funny how differently I view this subject this time around.  I read several books and scoured the internet trying to figure out when Olivia would sleep through the night and all about what schedule I should keep her on, heaven forbid we miss a nap.  This time I let him settle into his own routine and he is such a great sleeper.  I think some kids just are and we got lucky with him. His typical schedule is waking around 7:30/8, nap around 9/9:30 for 2 hours, another nap around 1/2 for another 2 plus hours then bedtime at 7:30 if I can stretch him that far.  A lot of nights he goes down at 7pm because he is just beat.  He still wakes up around 3 for a bottle and goes right back to sleep.  To be perfectly honest, I don't mind it one bit.  I really enjoy our time together when it is quiet and he is still and lets me hold him and snuggle him close.  Those are the moments I know will be gone far too fast and that makes me want to savor them while I can.

New tricks:
He finally started saying Mama a few weeks ago and I never get tired of hearing it.  It really is the sweetest sound to hear as a mom and it reminds me of how excited I was the first time Olivia said it.  Now, I hear it a thousand times a day from her and experiencing all of these firsts with him takes me back and really helps me appreciate it even more.
Playing peek-a-boo.  This has been his favorite game for a while, but he plays by himself now, which is just too cute.  He puts his chubby hands over his face and holds them there until you say, where's Jack, he rips them down and giggles so big.  He also loves to do it with blankets, his clothes and he even grabs his clean diaper when I am changing him to cover up with.
Cruising.  He is just starting to take little steps and make his way around while standing.  Just one step closer to walking.  I am not a fan of the crawling stage.  He wants down every where we go and of course I can't put him down all the time.  If he is going to be mobile I would prefer he just walk.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer now!

He has started laying his head on my shoulder when someone new talks to him and it absolutely melts me.  He smiles and acts like he is going to be shy for a minute, it's the cutest thing ever.
He is such a great traveler.  He rides great in the car with no need for a dvd player or any entertainment besides his sissy.  He will fall asleep if we go anywhere over 20 minutes even if he has just had a nap.  I am hoping that is good news for beach trips this summer.

He loves to be strapped on to me in the Ergo baby carrier too.  I always use it when we go shopping.  It helps him from touching germs and really does it get any better than a wearable hug??  I love that I can just give him a squeeze whenever I want and kiss his sweet head.  I may be carrying him until his 10 and his feet drag the ground.

The older Jack gets the more he can interact with Olivia and she cannot get enough of him.  She loves playing with him and is so sweet for the most part.  She brings him toys and entertains him while I try to cook or get ready.  She sings and dances for him and he just stares at her with the biggest grin.  They are the sweetest in the car.  She loves to make him laugh.  They talk back and forth the whole time we ride.  It is so amazing seeing their relationship grow.  Watching them love each other is one of my very favorite things about being a mom.
I have to brag on this little beauty too.  She loves her brother with all her little heart and he is so lucky to have a big sis like her.  She is full of sass and just as sugary sweet as she is feisty.  I love that she wants to put on her princess attire the minute she wakes up, but plays her heart out outside running and climbing on everything.  I cannot believe she is almost three years old, let's not talk about that now or I will cry.  For now, she is just my sweet little two year old ;)
Happy 9 months to the sweetest boy there ever was!!  I love you so much!!!

Our Weekend + Toddler Tales

After being stuck inside for most of last week with snotty noses we were all ready for the weekend.  Saturday always calls for a fun breakfast and Jack gobbled up his first blueberry streusel muffin with a big grin on his face, as usual.  I planned to do a whole blog post on this baby led weaning stuff, but there isn't really much to it.  He eats everything that we eat, just in small pieces.  He is surprisingly agile with those fat fingers. 

Olivia and I hit the grocery store while Jack took his morning nap and I let her bring along her shopping cart.  Besides ramming me in the heels a few dozen times she does so well with it.  She beams with pride and loves to fill her buggy up first.  It does take a little longer to get all of our groceries, but they are only little once, right?  I would have loved something like that when I was little. 
Saturday night was supper club at our friend's house and we got a sitter for the kids since Jack cannot hold his eyes open past 7 o'clock these days.  It was so refreshing and fun to have a laid back night with friends knowing that my babes were being taken care of and staying on their schedules.  I am laid back about scheduling for the most part, but Jack is such a creature of habit it is hard to stretch him even a few minutes past his bedtime or nap time.  He is pretty much the best baby ever too so I try to keep him happy :) 
We had some yummy food and a few drinks, then played card games until the wee hour of 10 o'clock.  We are old, it's cool.  Love these ladies!  And this sweet man of mine who didn't even complain when I wanted to take a corny picture on the swing ;)

We skipped church Sunday since the kiddos still had runny noses.  It was too pretty to stay inside all day though.  We played on Olivia's play ground a.k.a. the back yard all afternoon.  Olivia wanted a ride on the lawn mower with Daddy, until he cranked it up and she jumped off scared of the loud noise.  Jack played it cool in his swing for the most part.  I love that both of my babies have always loved to swing.  Perfect Sunday afternoon.

Jack's new tricks for the week include pulling up on everything and clapping his hands.  The clapping might just be the cutest thing ever.  I honestly don't mind if he walks early.  I am not a fan of the crawling stage.  He wants down everywhere we go and I cannot put him on the nasty floor so it would be cool with me if he decided to walk early like big sis.
Speaking of, Olivia has been freaking hilarious lately.  A major handful, but she has me rolling all day.  Her attitude is at an all time high, but along with that comes this really funny side of her personality that I am loving.  The other night she asked for chips instead of her dinner and when I said no she frowned and said "that's a bunch of phooey" under her breath.  I almost gave her the chips just for the creativity.  She is obsessed with suckers and wants them all the time.  We have this conversation 100 times a day:
Olivia: Can I have a sucker please?
Me: Let's eat some waffles for breakfast
Olivia: No, I need a sucker
Me: Maybe after you eat lunch
Olivia: No, I need it now
Me: We have to eat real food first
Olivia: Please....repeated one million times
Me: NO!
Olivia: Calm down mommy, calm down. Now help me open this sucker.
She loves that Jack can chase her around the house now and she loves to read to him, even if he just tries to eat the books.  She is actually a really big help entertaining him when I need her to so I can cook dinner or get ready to go somewhere.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time so they will stay this little and sweet forever.  Why do babies have to grow up?

Only three more days until the next weekend!  Hope your week is as sweet as these babes ;)

Friday Favorites // Favorite Books

It is no secret we love books around here.  I am always on the hunt for something new since we read all day long it seems.  Olivia has always loved to read and now she has a lot of her favorite books memorized and likes to read them to us and especially to Jack.  It always fascinates me which books she is drawn to.  They are not always the ones that I love, but I love seeing her little imagination and personality grow.  Jack loves to eat  read the touch and feel books and anything with a mirror will entertain him for a hot second.  He is so busy these days that he rarely makes it through a book.  I always have toys for him around and he plays and explores while Olivia and I read. 
I got these picture ledges from Target for both of their rooms and they are so cute to display their favorite books. The blue crayon marks don't come standard, courtesy of big sis ;) I should probably take a magic eraser to that I guess.  Anyways, here are Miss Olivia's current faves!

 The Pop Up Mice of Mr. Brice  It takes at least 15 minutes to read this book because of all of the fun pop ups and pull outs, but it is such a fun read!  We always get stuck finding Harriet about a million times ;)

Snack Time for Confetti is such a fun, colorful read.  This is one that Olivia can read almost verbatim and she thinks it is really funny!

Happy Birthday Mouse  We love all of the Mouse books so much!  This is the current favorite and I am pretty sure my child expects a full spread of muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, pancakes and cookies for breakfast on her birthday...and you know I am just crazy enough she might get them!

Flora the Flamingo  This is one that I really didn't like at first.  There aren't any words so mom gets to make up the story to go along with the picture, but it turned out to be really fun and the art is super cute!

Never Too Little to Love  I got this for one of their Valentine's baskets and we just haven't stopped reading it yet.  Love story between a mouse and a giraffe, yes please!

The Cat at Night  A journey of a farm kitty into the big city.  Olivia's favorite part is pointing out all of the city cats calling them the bad guys, haha!

The Digging-est Dog  Disclaimer:  I really don't like most Dr. Suess books.  They are long and usually don't make any sense to me, but this one is very good.  I used to read this one to my little brother and Olivia loves it just as much.

Pout Pout Fish  Seriously, the best rhyme book ever.  This one is so much fun to read.  We have different voices for all of the friends.  I am obsessed!  And I just found that there are more Pout Pout books!  We will be adding more to our collection for sure!

Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze  This was my favorite book when I was little and it still cracks me up to this day.  I love sharing things from my childhood with my children, makes it that much more fun!

You Are My Sunshine  Sweet little book that is simply the song that we all sing to our babies.  We love to read and sing along to this one.

Hug Machine  My own little hug machine adores this story.  She will ask me now, can I hug that? Of course, I am the hug machine!!!  I like it because I always get lots of love while reading it :)

We have books stashed in every room of the house and I am always looking for new ones.  In a culture so tuned into tablets and television I want to instill a love of books in my children.  Not that we don't watch tv or play with the ipad too.  There are just some things you can only find in books.  I will read to them as long as they will let me!  What are your favorites that I have to add to our collection??