Update on the babes

I haven't done an update on Olivia in quite some time and I know she has changed dramatically so I thought it would be fun to include her in this monthly update. 
She is now 33 months old or almost 3 to us regular people ;)
Life is definitely a challenge with this one lately.  She pushes me to the end of my limits on a daily basis and is still very independent.  She is so sassy that I have to laugh sometimes.  Her typical stance is one hand on the hip bossing one of us around.  On the flip side, she has the most kind heart I have ever seen.  She is so sweet and loving most of the time.  She loves to snuggle under blankets and "watch her shows" with me or Chad or even better with "bofth of us".  She loves "group hugs" and we have to give a million of them before bed each night.  She may not want to smile for every picture I take (and let's be honest, that's a lot) but she gives me kisses freely whenever I ask so I guess that is a fair trade off.  She loves her cousins so much and tells me Ava is her best friend at least a few times a day.  That is, when she isn't telling me I am her best friend.  She still has a funny little tummy and she threw up in her bed last week.  I let her sleep the rest of the night in our bed, a first for her, and she snuggled up nose to nose with me and told me I was her best friend, then wrapped her little arm around my neck and dug her toes into my ribs  and fell asleep.  Girl is so smart, nothing gets past her.  You cannot manipulate her or distract her like most kids when she is interested in something. Every single time I stop at a red light or stop sign she yells "go, go, go" and I have to tell her every single time that we can't, which prompts her to ask why even though she knows the answer.  She watches the red lights until they turn green then shouts at me again. She drives a hard bargain too.  Her favorite phrase is "just a minute" any time I ask her to do something.  She then tries to work some kind of prize in for doing something very routine, like getting in the car or taking a bath.  She will do almost anything for a sucker or some jelly beans.  She is a terribly picky eater lately.  She lives off of granola bars, pasta, rice, pizza and fruit.  Thank goodness she eats fruit.  Sleep has been a bit of an issue lately.  I think she is having bad dreams and wakes up once or twice a week at least crying.  She is still in a crib so Chad goes up and holds her for a minute and she usually goes right back to sleep.  She has been using nap time to work on her karaoke skills. It always surprises me the random songs she will belt out while she is supposed to be sleeping.  She will lay up there for an hour or so then holler for me to take her tee tee until I cave in and go get her.  She only wears a pull up at night, sleeps in panties for nap and hasn't wet the bed once!  Her favorite thing right now is princesses.  Sophia is her very favorite then Snow White, Cinderella and the rest of the Disney gang.  We went to a live character show this last weekend and she was in awe of all the princesses.  We got to meet them and take pictures after the show and she was so sweet and excited.  She even held her little Minnie tutu out like she was curtseying for the pictures, little priss :)  She insisted on wearing her Minnie outfit because Minnie was her best friend on that day.  This little girl is truly my very best friend.  She makes me laugh until my belly hurts and fills my heart with so much love I think it might physically burst sometimes.  She teaches me and pushes me to new limits as a mother and as a person.  I love her with my whole heart and I am so proud to be her mommy :)
Here are some of my favorite recent pictures of my girl.


 Now on to my little Jack-attack!
He is just over 8 months now weighing in at 20 pounds and I have no idea how many inches long.  If anyone wants to volunteer to help me hold him still for half a second so I could measure I will give you an accurate number ;)  This little man is on the move and busy, busy, busy!  He started crawling a couple of weeks ago and now he is into everything.  He is also starting to pull up on things too.  He can only make it to his knees, but I know he won't stay there long.  He loves his little musical play table.  I sit behind him and let him stand and explore.  The weather has been so nice lately and we finally have a back yard so we have been spending most of our days outside.  Little man loves it.  His favorite thing to do is swing, not a shocker since that is also Olivia's favorite thing.  I am so glad my babies love being outside. He jabbers "da, da, da" all of the time, but no mama yet, I am still waiting!   I gave up on baby food and we have completely gone the baby led weaning route.  I just feed him whatever we are eating and he loves it!!! He still only has 4 teeth, but that doesn't seem to keep him from eating everything he can get his hands on.  I say his hands because he will not let me feed him one bite of anything.  I guess he may have an independent streak like big sis.  Four weeks ago I had to make the hardest mommy decision I have had to make yet and I stopped breast feeding and switched him to formula.  I came down with my fifth case of mastitis in 7 months and needed to take a really strong antibiotic that he could not take.  It was either pump and dump for 2 weeks or quit.  I have had a really hard time this go around with breast feeding.  My milk supply never got evened out.  I was constantly engorged and getting clogged ducts and mastitis.  It came to the point where I didn't want him drinking infected milk all of the time and my health was suffering, not to mention being in constant pain, so I chose to quit. I still feel bad about it and a little like a failure, but he has done amazing on the formula so that helps me feel better.  He takes bottles like a champ and we still get lots of snuggle time when I feed him.  I had such an easy and wonderful experience with Olivia I just assumed that this time would be just as easy and the fact that is wasn't hit me kinda hard.  Since he has been on formula his belly issues have all gone away and he sleeps so much better.  He is sleeping through the night now most nights from 7:30pm to 7:30am.  He takes 2 good 2 to 3 hours naps a day.  He still proves to be the happiest little guy around. He is always showing that little snaggle tooth grin and he loves to be tickled and laughs like a big boy.  I tell everyone he is the best baby ever and I mean it!  This little boy is beyond precious.  I would have 5 more if I could guarantee they would be just like him.  He is so easy going and just so happy all of the time.  It is impossible to be around him and not smile.  I love this little guy with all of my heart!  


One of the things my babes have in common (besides that they look like twins haha) is their love for each other.  Jack watches every move Olivia makes and thinks she is the funniest person alive.  Olivia is loving that Jack isn't quite as breakable and she loves on him and wrestles him in the floor all of the time.  If Jack is fussing Olivia will sing to him or play their favorite game together, peek-a-boo.  They crack each other up every time we get in the car talking back and forth to each other. They are so stinking sweet together and it melts my mommy heart.  I hope they are always best friends and always love each other this much.  I am one blessed mama :)


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