Happy Easter 2016

We always start our Easter celebration on Friday with my sister and her kiddos making resurrection rolls.  I know they don't really grasp the whole concept of Easter, but we want to start teaching them while they are little to plant those seeds in their hearts.
The girls were so excited to wear their matching tutu dresses and dip their marshmallows in the sticky mess.  They all did really well and had so much fun.
These smiles make the mess totally worth it.

Not pictured:  My sis and I loading up all six children, leaving my house a sticky tornado mess, and driving 45 minutes for a last minute appointment with our eyebrow girl.  Not the smartest decision we have ever made, but our eyebrows looked great for Easter pics ;)

Sunday morning we woke up to a torrential down pour of rain.  Jack was so excited for his first Easter basket he woke us all up at 6:45.  I went a little overboard with their baskets this year I have to admit.  I didn't realize I had so much stuff until I started pulling it all out and I actually didn't even put everything out that I bought for them.  I will have to do better next year.  Olivia has been on an Ariel kick and loved her mermaid swim suit the best.  The highlight of Jack's morning was his first cinnamon roll, bunny shaped of course.

We have had to switch church services to the 11:30 so Jack can get his morning nap.  We had an amazing service at church then went straight to my mom's for lunch and Easter egg hunting.  I brought rain boots for Olivia to stomp in the mud with.  Really, it was so she wouldn't ruin her new shoes ;)  All of the kids had so much fun hunting eggs.  We made the mistake of telling them some of the eggs had prizes in them so they stopped and shook every single egg before stashing them in their baskets.  It was pretty funny to watch.  Olivia was so much more into it this year.  She ran her heart out and ended up with seven bucks and a basket full of candy. 
And they're off!

Chad and Jack proving that egg hunting is a spectator sport.
We had a very special Easter being with our family and remembering the true meaning of the day, Jesus is ALIVE!
Happy Easter from the Pearsons
And this was too good not to share ;)

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