Valentine Play Date

We start looking forward to Valentine's day pretty much as soon as Christmas is over.  It is such a fun little holiday to break up the dreariness of winter.  Over here we have lots of pink and heart shaped everything going on and Olivia is loving it.  We had a few of Olivia's besties over to make their own Valentine's and eat some yummy breakfast, heart shaped cinnamon rolls included.

The girls were very creative and didn't even make that big of a mess with the Valentine making.  They worked very intently and were so proud of their crafts.  The book "Happy Valentine's Day Mouse" has always been a favorite around here and we let the girls look at it for inspiration while decorating. 
Olivia helped me make some little felt bows for Valentine treats for her friends and we used them as place cards at the craft table.

Not a one smiling, typical ;)
We had such a fun morning.  I love hosting these fun little play dates and making memories with these sweet girls.  We had to plan it a little early this year since my sis will be having baby Mason on February 8th if nothing changes!  I cannot wait to have another little Vaughn boy to love on!
Lots of love!

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