Jack Emmett 6 Months Old

Don't blink.
I cannot believe my sweet baby boy is already six months old.  This kid is seriously the most precious little guy around.  He is always happy and smiling. There is no way to look at his big, sweet grin without smiling back at him.  His cheeks are pillowy soft and oh so kissable.  If you can't tell, I am pretty much obsessed with my Jack-Jack.
Big boy is 27 and a half inches tall (90th percentile) and weighs 18 pounds (65th percentile).  That makes him tall and skinny.  I love his little rolls and he definitely has the sweetest cheeks around.  He is in a size 4 diaper and wears 12-18 month clothes. 

New tricks.  He is sitting up by himself great!  I love this stage.  It makes things so easy to be able to sit him in the floor and give him a few toys to keep him busy while I take care of things around the house.  He loves sitting up too.  He reaches for toys and has pretty good hand eye coordination to get everything straight to his slobbery mouth. More than a few little people princesses have been slimed.

Still only has 2 teeth.  I can see the two bottom laterals trying to peek through, but they aren't in quite yet.  He chews on everything he can get his hands and feet on. 

Sleep.  I am happy to report that we are all getting a bit more sleep around here lately. Jack has always been a good napper and a good night time sleeper, but buddy wants to eat at least once a night.  Typical day goes like this: wakes up around 7:30-8, nap around 10 (usually only an hour), another nap around 2 (usually 3 hours BOOM!), bed around 7:30, wakes up to eat around 3-4 to eat and then straight back to sleep until morning. 

Jack and Olivia have just discovered they can see each other in the car and it is just about the sweetest thing ever.  They sit back there and have little conversations back and forth and giggle the whole time we are in the car.  It makes my mommy heart melt.

Food!  Obviously the boy doesn't miss a meal, but he is still a little unsure about baby food so far.  I started with baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk and he really seems to like that in the mornings.  I have also tried sweet potatoes, apples and some veggies and he has not liked any of it.  He will open up for a big bite and then spit it out and refuse to open his mouth for more.  He wants the food, I think it may just be a texture thing.  Olivia never cared much for purees and went straight to table food around 8 months so Jack may follow suit.  I made all of her baby food and opted for the gerber stuff this time around - gasp!  Ain't nobody got time for that ;)

Favorite toys include anything he can chew on.  He really likes his little elephant that is like sophie the giraffe.  Being Alabama fans I just could not pass that one up.  We got him some action figure little people for Christmas so he wouldn't have to chew on the princesses in public, how embarrassing.  He also got a light up, singing tool bench that he loves to sit up and bang on with his little hammer.

 He continues to be the best baby ever.  He is just so laid back and easy to handle.  He loves to be on the go and is content as can be in the carrier.  I have swapped to the Ergo since he is almost 20 pounds and it seems to be easier on my back.  I wear him everywhere we go though, grocery runs, target and even through the tunnels at Let's Play.  I have even mastered breast feeding in the carrier (something I never even attempted with Olivia).  It is a must when you have a busy 2 year old to chase at the park, no time to sit on a bench a feed little bro. 

Everyone comments on how happy and smiley he is.  He never meets a stranger and pretty much loves everyone. Typical second child I guess :)  He especially loves other kids.  Of course Olivia is his favorite, but he adores his cousins too and anyone who gives him a smile.

To my sweet Baby Jack

You are truly the sweetest babe in all the land.  Your giggles bring smiles to all of our faces and I don't know what we even did before you came along.  You and your sister love each other so much it makes mommy want to have a million babies just so I can share in that love.  We are so blessed that God gave you to us.  Thank you for all of the slobbery kisses and not getting mad when I attack your cheeks on an hourly basis.  I love you so very much angel boy!

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