Twas the week before Christmas

We kicked off the week before Christmas with our annual Henley family Christmas party.  The girls have so much fun running around with each other.  Sweet little Huddy will be so happy when Jack and baby Mason can play with him.  Best picture we could get of all the littles.

Chad saved up some vacation and was able to spend the whole week before Christmas home with us.  It was so nice having him home to get some extra quality time in during the hustle and bustle of this season.  We spent most of the week lounging in our jammies and really just enjoying daddy being home.

Olivia and I left the boys at home for a lunch date Nana, Ashley and her kiddos at Brio.  It took entirely too long and all 4 kids were ready to fly the coop, but we got some cute photos by the fountain after lunch.  Nana and I took the three girls over to the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping.  They were beyond wild and we made it a short trip ;)  But they sure are cute!

I love getting to spend one on one time with my sweet girl and really cherish these moments now that I have two babes to divide my attention with.  Olivia comes with me to the grocery store and to run errands all the time.  She is my little best friend and a pretty good little shopping buddy.  Nothing left  to do but celebrate Christ's birthday!

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