Jack Emmett 5 Months Old

I cannot believe I have let so much time slip away since I did an update on my sweet baby boy!
This child is such a joy.  He is always smiling and laughing and never meets a stranger.  The only sad thing is how fast he is growing! So here is an update on my big 5 month old!

Jack is 26.5 inches long (90th for height) and 17 pounds (only 80th for weight, big boy is sliming up haha).  He is in a size 3 diaper already and wears 6/12m and even some 12/18 months in clothes.  I seriously cannot believe how big he is or how fast he is growing.   I miss the tiny baby stage already!

I know I brag all the time, but he really is the best baby ever.  He is so laid back and just so easy to manage all the time.  He might get a little fussy if he is hungry or sleepy, but even that isn't bad and as soon as he is appeased it is back to happy, sweet baby Jack.  He smiles and laughs every single time he sees me or hears my voice.  I cannot even express how in love I am with this little dude.

Sleep is a work in progress right now.  Bed time is around 7:30 and he was sleeping all the way to 7am, but then teething started and he wakes up once or twice a night now.  Sometimes it is more like 4 or 5 times and those nights aren't much fun.  He always just eats and goes right back to sleep though.  He takes 3 good naps a day, usually around 2 hours a piece.  This kid will sleep anywhere and through anything, thanks big sis ;)  We are on the go a lot and he naps happily snuggled in the carrier or even in his car seat, which Olivia never did.

I guess he is going to be an over achiever in the teething department like Olivia.  He cut his first two bottom teeth at 4 months and it trying to get the two laterals on each side right now.  His favorite teething toy has to be his feet.  He gnaws on that big toe until it is red and dripping with slobber.  He also sucks his thumb (aaahhhhhh - no) Only at bed or nap time, but he does it.

This kid loves to be on his tummy.  I can lay him in the floor and before I even take my hand away he is trying to flip over.  Olivia always hated it so this is shocking to me.  He will roll over and nap on his tummy too when I lay him down for naps.  At night he is in a sleep sack and can't get himself turned over quite yet.  I am afraid this means he is going to be mobile early.  He is super interested in what is going on around him and will roll himself across the floor to get a toy or something he wants.

He is a total Mama's boy and I love it.  It doesn't matter who is holding him if he hears me talking he will about break his neck to see me and when he does he laughs and loses control of himself, it is the cutest thing.  He is just such a content baby.  He will chill with me watching tv or even in his bouncy seat while I get ready or cook dinner as long as he can see me he is good.

As much as he loves me, he is obsessed with Olivia.  And she loves him just as much.  I cannot even express how amazing it is watching my babies love each other so much.  He loves it when she sings to him and even when she is on top of him smothering him with kisses he is still grinning ear to ear.  If she is ever not attacking him with affection he is cooing and trying to get her attention.  Whenever he wakes up from a nap and she hears him first she runs as fast as she can up the stairs, scales his crib and is laying beside him loving on him before I can even get to the top of the stairs.  Olivia helps me so much with him too.  Bringing me diapers or finding his paci, she loves being the big sister.  I am so blessed to get to watch these two grow up together.

To my precious baby boy:
Jack, you are such a sweet little soul and I am just so thankful every day that I get to be your Mommy.  I look forward to the special relationship we get to have and I will always be your biggest fan.  I know God has big plans for you my sweet boy.  You have stolen my heart and everyone who meets you falls in love with you in an instant.  Thank you for completing our family and being the best baby in the whole world!  I love you to pieces! 

ps. sorry about the toddler in baby attack mode...I have a feeling you will get her back soon ;)

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