Has it only been 2 weeks?

I am torn right now between being in disbelief that my tiny baby is already 2 (almost 3) weeks old and remembering what life was like before he was here.  Our daily routine has changed quite a bit, but we are adjusting quite nicely to having 2 kids.  I really like saying that by the way ;)  Just me and the kids running to target or I have to get the kids ready for bed. It sounds so weird, in a good way.
I have come to terms with the fact that it takes me forever to get ready to leave the house to go anywhere.  Poor baby boy has to do a lot of waiting around because big sister is very demanding, but he is the best baby ever and hardly ever fusses.  Because I am running short on sleep and time (cluster feeding baby grunting at me as I type) here are the last 2 weeks summed up in pictures.
First (and last until this sauna decides to cool off) trip to the park at 6 days old.

We survived our first day home just the three of us.  I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous, but it went really well.  Juggling this 3 ring circus isn't so bad after all ;)
We have actually left the house a few times a week, but there are definitely not any pictures to document these trips.  Between the sweat and milk pooling in my shirt from having a baby strapped to my chest and trying to keep a toddler from darting out into traffic it is all hands on deck to make sure we all survive the outing.
We spend most of our time doing this...

I was a little worried that as time went on Olivia might start to get jealous, but she has been so great with Jack.  She loves him to death and besides some overzealous kisses every once in a while, she is really gentle and sweet with him.
Little sassy pants starts dance in a couple of weeks and we made a trip to the dance store to get her some outfits.  She was in heaven trying on all of the tutus and of course has worn nothing but since we got home.  I won't let her sleep in them, but she insisted on having a dance party as soon as she woke up this morning.  I cannot wait to see this girl in action in class!

Probably the biggest accomplishment over the past two weeks is that this baby takes a pacifier, woot woot!!!!!!!   I was determined that he would since Olivia wouldn't and never would take a bottle either.  I am not pumping at all because I caused a world of trouble in over supply last time by pumping so he hasn't had a bottle yet, but the way I see it..if he will take a paci he will take a bottle. 
Plus, how cute is he with a paci?
Excited for the weekend to officially begin when Daddy gets home in a few minutes.  Love it when the reinforcements arrive ;)
Happy Friday Friends!

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