4th of July

Our last holiday as a family of three was spent mostly relaxing.  Chad had the day off work on Friday and we had plans to go to the lake, but it rained all day so we just hung around the house and did as little as possible.  It was so nice to just get to hang out with my little family with no where to be.  We have been so busy lately that a day of laziness was definitely in order.  We did take a trip to the fireworks shop that afternoon after the rain cleared and got a few fireworks to shoot for Olivia that night.  Her favorites were the little poppers she could throw on the ground.  We played with sparklers and shot a few roman candles then got Olivia in bed and watched Breaking Bad until we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore.  
4th of July Saturday Olivia and I slept in until 9 and it was glorious!  Chad made us cinnamon rolls upon the little lady's request and I didn't even make them cute bad mommy.  We packed a bag and headed to the lake for the day with the family.

My little star spangled cutie ran all over the place flying her flag proudly.  The sun came out and we actually got to go swimming in the lake.  Olivia is such a little fishy with her puddle jumper and was swimming all over the place.  

We had some really good food and good times with the family.  We stayed for round one of fireworks and sparklers then gave Olivia a bath and headed home.  I gave her snacks to eat and she didn't fall asleep until we got home.  We all slept in Sunday morning and went to the late service at church and continued the weekend of relaxing.  It was a lovely, long, rainy weekend even if I didn't make one single festive meal.  Last week at the doctor Jack was still measuring 3 weeks ahead and we scheduled a date for induction on Monday the 20th if he doesn't make his arrival before then. 
 That is 2 weeks from today people!!!
And it cannot come one moment too soon.  This time around has been a little difficult and I am pretty much in constant nerve pain under my ribs and have been for the last two months.  I am beyond ready to get this sweet boy on the outside of me.  That being said, I am trying to soak up as much one on one time with Olivia and prepare her for the new addition.  Exciting stuff coming our way!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July with your families and friends.   We are so blessed to live in the land of the free and are forever grateful for those who have served and are serving our great country!
Happy Monday!

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