Has it only been 2 weeks?

I am torn right now between being in disbelief that my tiny baby is already 2 (almost 3) weeks old and remembering what life was like before he was here.  Our daily routine has changed quite a bit, but we are adjusting quite nicely to having 2 kids.  I really like saying that by the way ;)  Just me and the kids running to target or I have to get the kids ready for bed. It sounds so weird, in a good way.
I have come to terms with the fact that it takes me forever to get ready to leave the house to go anywhere.  Poor baby boy has to do a lot of waiting around because big sister is very demanding, but he is the best baby ever and hardly ever fusses.  Because I am running short on sleep and time (cluster feeding baby grunting at me as I type) here are the last 2 weeks summed up in pictures.
First (and last until this sauna decides to cool off) trip to the park at 6 days old.

We survived our first day home just the three of us.  I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous, but it went really well.  Juggling this 3 ring circus isn't so bad after all ;)
We have actually left the house a few times a week, but there are definitely not any pictures to document these trips.  Between the sweat and milk pooling in my shirt from having a baby strapped to my chest and trying to keep a toddler from darting out into traffic it is all hands on deck to make sure we all survive the outing.
We spend most of our time doing this...

I was a little worried that as time went on Olivia might start to get jealous, but she has been so great with Jack.  She loves him to death and besides some overzealous kisses every once in a while, she is really gentle and sweet with him.
Little sassy pants starts dance in a couple of weeks and we made a trip to the dance store to get her some outfits.  She was in heaven trying on all of the tutus and of course has worn nothing but since we got home.  I won't let her sleep in them, but she insisted on having a dance party as soon as she woke up this morning.  I cannot wait to see this girl in action in class!

Probably the biggest accomplishment over the past two weeks is that this baby takes a pacifier, woot woot!!!!!!!   I was determined that he would since Olivia wouldn't and never would take a bottle either.  I am not pumping at all because I caused a world of trouble in over supply last time by pumping so he hasn't had a bottle yet, but the way I see it..if he will take a paci he will take a bottle. 
Plus, how cute is he with a paci?
Excited for the weekend to officially begin when Daddy gets home in a few minutes.  Love it when the reinforcements arrive ;)
Happy Friday Friends!

Jack Emmett's Birth Story

This is the story of how the sweetest little boy came into this world and stole my heart forever.
I have been horrible with baby updates on the blog this go around.  Blame it on the crazy toddler and pregnancy exhaustion, or just being plain old lazy ;)  I measured 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule pretty much the whole time, but I had no idea that I would actually go into labor early or on my own at all.  I always wanted to go into labor on my own, but it seems like most people I know are induced these days if you don't want to go over your due date (which I had absolutely no plan of doing). I had already set a date of July 23rd to evict my little buddy and fully expected to have to wait until that day.  Monday morning, July 13, I woke up at 5:30am with contractions.  I had been having some contractions here and there, but these felt different and were hurting as soon as I felt them.  Chad woke up for work at 6 and I told him he may want to pack a bag before he left for work.  I still didn't believe I was actually in labor.  I got up and started cleaning up around my house and getting things in order just in case this was for real.  I called my sister around 7:30 and my contractions were really kicking by then.  She convinced me to call the doctor and they wanted me to come on in.  I called Chad and he came home and my sister came to get Olivia.  I thought there was no way that this was really happening, but everyone was insisting that I go to the doctor so I did. We got to the hospital around 9:30am.  I made Chad snap a quick pic on the way into labor and delivery.
They took us right back to a room and got me changed into a gown.  The nurse checked me and I was 5cm dilated.  I was shocked and began to panic just a little.  This was really happening, and fast!  I pretty much demanded my epidural immediately since last time I went from a 6 to a 10 in 30 minutes and I really didn't want to miss my opportunity to get one.  They rushed and got my epidural and I was super thankful because my contractions were horrible by this point.  By 10:30 I was at 7cm and sitting comfortable with my epidural. 

My doctor was out of town that week so I had to wait until one of the doctor's in her group could come around and see my on their lunch.  Not like I was doing anything important, right?  Dr. Kennedy came in around 12 and was going to check me and break my water.  Warning - tmi coming up.  I moved my leg and my water shot across the room.  It was pretty funny actually.  Chad said, what was that???  It looked like a super soaker!  The doctor checked me and I was at a 10 and you could see the top of the baby's head.  They got me ready to push.  I pushed 4 times and then they made me stop and called the doctor back in.  I couldn't believe how easy this time was compared to pushing for 3 and a half hours with Olivia.  The doctor was in the room next door delivering another baby so they had to page another doctor, who happened to be in a C-section.  So I got to sit and wait for about 20 minutes.  I would have a contraction and I could feel his head come down and then the nurse would push it back in.  Super glad I had that epidural.  Dr. Duke got there first and I pushed one more time and my baby boy was here.  I cannot even explain the emotion I felt when I heard that sweet little cry.  They laid him up on my belly and began to wipe him off and I (the girl who said I didn't want to hold him until he was cleaned off good) was reaching and grasping for him and could not wait to snuggle him up close to me.  They gave me a few minutes to soak him in and then took him over to weigh him and clean him up a bit more.  I love both of my children with all of my heart, but this birth experience was just so different.  Maybe because I wasn't stressed out and I knew what to expect.  It was just much more relaxed and almost too easy.  I was much more emotional this time and it is true what they say.  Your heart just grows in that moment and you love them just as much as the first.

Jack had a true knot in his umbilical cord when he came out.  He was perfectly healthy, but it turns out that it was a blessing that he came out early at 38 weeks 2 days because it can cause complications the longer they stay in and the bigger the baby is.  Sweet boy was 7 pounds 14 ounces 21 inches long of pure perfection, born at 12:23pm.  God knew just what he was doing bringing him a little early.

Proud Papa with both of his babies :)
And just like that our little family is now a family of 4 and I cannot imagine not having sweet Jack as a part of our lives.

Little man looks so much like his sister and his Daddy.  I guess I am truly just the baby carrier and have no genetic input whatsoever ;)  I can't complain though, look how perfect he is.

Olivia is the best big sister and loves him so much already.  She wants to hold him all of the time and gives him 500 kisses a day.  I hope they always love each other like this.  It makes my heart so happy to see my babies loving on each other.
Welcome to the family baby brother.  You have changed all of our lives forever and I don't even know what we did before you were here. You are the sweetest, best baby already and I cannot get enough of your sweet snuggles.  You are loved beyond measure little one.


4th of July

Our last holiday as a family of three was spent mostly relaxing.  Chad had the day off work on Friday and we had plans to go to the lake, but it rained all day so we just hung around the house and did as little as possible.  It was so nice to just get to hang out with my little family with no where to be.  We have been so busy lately that a day of laziness was definitely in order.  We did take a trip to the fireworks shop that afternoon after the rain cleared and got a few fireworks to shoot for Olivia that night.  Her favorites were the little poppers she could throw on the ground.  We played with sparklers and shot a few roman candles then got Olivia in bed and watched Breaking Bad until we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore.  
4th of July Saturday Olivia and I slept in until 9 and it was glorious!  Chad made us cinnamon rolls upon the little lady's request and I didn't even make them cute bad mommy.  We packed a bag and headed to the lake for the day with the family.

My little star spangled cutie ran all over the place flying her flag proudly.  The sun came out and we actually got to go swimming in the lake.  Olivia is such a little fishy with her puddle jumper and was swimming all over the place.  

We had some really good food and good times with the family.  We stayed for round one of fireworks and sparklers then gave Olivia a bath and headed home.  I gave her snacks to eat and she didn't fall asleep until we got home.  We all slept in Sunday morning and went to the late service at church and continued the weekend of relaxing.  It was a lovely, long, rainy weekend even if I didn't make one single festive meal.  Last week at the doctor Jack was still measuring 3 weeks ahead and we scheduled a date for induction on Monday the 20th if he doesn't make his arrival before then. 
 That is 2 weeks from today people!!!
And it cannot come one moment too soon.  This time around has been a little difficult and I am pretty much in constant nerve pain under my ribs and have been for the last two months.  I am beyond ready to get this sweet boy on the outside of me.  That being said, I am trying to soak up as much one on one time with Olivia and prepare her for the new addition.  Exciting stuff coming our way!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July with your families and friends.   We are so blessed to live in the land of the free and are forever grateful for those who have served and are serving our great country!
Happy Monday!