The Beach

Last Saturday was Olivia's actual birthday and the day we started our beach vacation - BOOM!
I had her a few presents saved to open on when she woke up and she tore into them like a boss.
We had cinnamon rolls (her favorite) complete with a #2 sparkler and a birthday song from Mommy and Daddy.  We had most everything packed so we loaded up the car after breakfast and hit the road.

Side note: She has fallen in love with princess gowns, this Cinderella one in particular.  She wore it the entire week at the beach any time she didn't have her bathing suit on.  Love this little girly girl!

Little lady was too excited to sleep the whole way to the beach, but she couldn't have been better.  We even got stuck in traffic and she just watched her movies and ate her suckers until we got through it.  I was not quite as patient.  We were just miles away from the house and my poor swollen feet and legs felt like they were about to pop.  I had to get out of the car and walk around, totally safe.

We were at the beach with the whole family! I don't even know how many of us there are total, but it's a lot.  Olivia was in hog heaven with all of the little girl cousins to play with.  She is the youngest and they all wanted to hold her and play with her like a baby doll.  
We spent most of the days chillin on the beach.  Would have been nice to have a frosty adult beverage in my hand, but there is always next year.  Olivia absolutely loved the beach this year.  She made sand castles with Chad only to knock them down immediately and laugh and throw sand in everyone's eyes.  The beach with kids brings on a whole new level of sandyness, yep I just made that word up.

Olivia was pumped to have her cousins around for the whole week straight!  They played and wore themselves out every day.

We had to recreate our picture from last year with Hudson on the outside and me with the big belly this year.  Our goal for next year is to have all of the babies on the outside for the picture ;)

We took a trip to Big Kahunas water park for some water slide fun.  My little daredevil had a blast on the slides.  

We soaked up a little more beach time before it was time to go home.  I am not going to lie, I was ready to get back to my house and my bed after being gone for a week.  Vacation at the beach at 35 weeks pregnant is no joke.  Olivia was worn out every day too taking 3 hour naps with all of her "friends".  Little girl slept like a champ in her pack n play all week!

We stopped at Steak N Shake on the way home and Olivia tore up a chocolate milkshake.  Sharing in on Mommy's pregnancy cravings.


We had such a fun week and now we are in major getting ready for baby boy mode.  I went to the doctor for a late 35 week appointment and he is measuring 38 weeks already, yikes!  I have been having some contractions, but she didn't want to check me until next week.  He could be here really soon though and that has me freaking out just a little.  And the fact that he is probably going to be huge doesn't help my anxiety.  

We had a fun Father's Day at the pool at my Mom's.  It was a nice day celebrating this awesome Dad.  We love him and appreciate him so much.  I never knew I could love him more until I saw the way he loves our baby girl.  I cannot wait to see him with our son in a few weeks!

The heat is on here now and it feels like summer.  We are trying to sneak in some of our bucket list items before d-day.  Happy Tuesday from this pigtailed cutie :)

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