Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday and Olivia's.  I kinda can't believe I am 31.  That sounds so old and I really don't feel that old.  I will tell ya what I do feel...pregnant.  Feet in the ribs, can't take a good breath or heaven forbid try to tie my shoes pregnant.  Not to mention my own feet that are starting to swell when I am out in the heat too long.  That never happened with Olivia and I am not a fan.  Another thing that never happened was my belly button popping out, but it is definitely out now at almost 34 weeks.  Six more weeks though, I can see the finish line!
I woke up to this sweet little face Saturday morning on my birthday.  She was so excited to bring me a balloon and tell me Happy Birthday.  I can't think of a better way to wake up.

Chad made cinnamon rolls and we ate a quick breakfast then headed to Ash's to get Ava for the day.  Ashley and Heath moved into their new house this weekend, yay!  Of course Olivia was pumped to have her cousin for the day.  We took the girls to my mom's to swim for a while. If you have a 2 year old and don't have a puddle jumper, you must get one.  These two were swimming around like little fishes and had so much fun.  I was amazed at how well they both did kicking their little legs and paddling their arms. 

A long play in the pool made for a nice long nap by both girls and a little time to relax for us.  We started watching Breaking Bad last week and we are hooked.  It is such a great show if you are looking for a new series to start.  We watched an episode and then Chad headed to help Ashley and Heath unload a few things in the new house.  When the girls woke up I took them to Walmart to get a few things for Olivia's party on Sunday.  They were so sweet while I shopped.  

We skipped church on Sunday because I had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for Olivia's party at the Splash Pad.  I baked cookies and other goodies while Chad and Olivia played most of the day.  She kept calling it her tea party and saying how she was going to have tea with all of her friends.  The party was fun, but it was soooo hot outside.  I set up a small spread of food and spent most of the time playing with Olivia.  She was a little overwhelmed with all of the attention, but she had a good time.

Girl wasn't a bit shy to dig into her presents.  She was making it rain tissue paper and couldn't wait to dig into the next gift.  She went nuts over her toy tricycle my Dad and step Mom got her.  We are so thankful for all of our family and friends coming out to help make her day special!

We ended the party letting all of the balloons fly and Olivia thought it was the coolest.  We headed home for a cool shower and early bedtimes for all of us.  I held it together pretty well this weekend thinking about my baby turning two.  No promises for Saturday on her actual birthday.

It was a fun and busy weekend and I doubt things will slow down any time soon.  We are headed to the beach this next weekend for a week and I am beyond ready, even if I will look like a beached whale ;)   So far we are enjoying soaking up this summer as a family of 3.  Love these two so much!

Happy Monday from the birthday girls ;)

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