The Beach

Last Saturday was Olivia's actual birthday and the day we started our beach vacation - BOOM!
I had her a few presents saved to open on when she woke up and she tore into them like a boss.
We had cinnamon rolls (her favorite) complete with a #2 sparkler and a birthday song from Mommy and Daddy.  We had most everything packed so we loaded up the car after breakfast and hit the road.

Side note: She has fallen in love with princess gowns, this Cinderella one in particular.  She wore it the entire week at the beach any time she didn't have her bathing suit on.  Love this little girly girl!

Little lady was too excited to sleep the whole way to the beach, but she couldn't have been better.  We even got stuck in traffic and she just watched her movies and ate her suckers until we got through it.  I was not quite as patient.  We were just miles away from the house and my poor swollen feet and legs felt like they were about to pop.  I had to get out of the car and walk around, totally safe.

We were at the beach with the whole family! I don't even know how many of us there are total, but it's a lot.  Olivia was in hog heaven with all of the little girl cousins to play with.  She is the youngest and they all wanted to hold her and play with her like a baby doll.  
We spent most of the days chillin on the beach.  Would have been nice to have a frosty adult beverage in my hand, but there is always next year.  Olivia absolutely loved the beach this year.  She made sand castles with Chad only to knock them down immediately and laugh and throw sand in everyone's eyes.  The beach with kids brings on a whole new level of sandyness, yep I just made that word up.

Olivia was pumped to have her cousins around for the whole week straight!  They played and wore themselves out every day.

We had to recreate our picture from last year with Hudson on the outside and me with the big belly this year.  Our goal for next year is to have all of the babies on the outside for the picture ;)

We took a trip to Big Kahunas water park for some water slide fun.  My little daredevil had a blast on the slides.  

We soaked up a little more beach time before it was time to go home.  I am not going to lie, I was ready to get back to my house and my bed after being gone for a week.  Vacation at the beach at 35 weeks pregnant is no joke.  Olivia was worn out every day too taking 3 hour naps with all of her "friends".  Little girl slept like a champ in her pack n play all week!

We stopped at Steak N Shake on the way home and Olivia tore up a chocolate milkshake.  Sharing in on Mommy's pregnancy cravings.


We had such a fun week and now we are in major getting ready for baby boy mode.  I went to the doctor for a late 35 week appointment and he is measuring 38 weeks already, yikes!  I have been having some contractions, but she didn't want to check me until next week.  He could be here really soon though and that has me freaking out just a little.  And the fact that he is probably going to be huge doesn't help my anxiety.  

We had a fun Father's Day at the pool at my Mom's.  It was a nice day celebrating this awesome Dad.  We love him and appreciate him so much.  I never knew I could love him more until I saw the way he loves our baby girl.  I cannot wait to see him with our son in a few weeks!

The heat is on here now and it feels like summer.  We are trying to sneak in some of our bucket list items before d-day.  Happy Tuesday from this pigtailed cutie :)

2 Years Old

I seriously cannot believe my tiny baby is already two years old.  It is true what they say, don't blink!  I feel like lately especially she is changing before my very eyes.  Always learning and doing new things, it is hard to keep up.  

I am so proud of my beautiful little girl.  She is so stinking smart it amazes me. I think a lot of it stems from her having a crazy long attention span. I don't know any other kids her age that will sit and play with puzzles or read books as long as she will.  She is eager to learn and picks things up super fast. After spending an hour at the lake this weekend going through UNO cards like flash cards I decided to get her some real flash cards for her birthday and I know she will love them.  She can recognize and name all of her letters and her numbers up to 10.  She can count to twenty, but when she sees it written out she just names the number individually instead of saying the teen numbers.  She has several books memorized and when it is bedtime "Ovila" has to read to us now.  Yes, she calls herself Ovila and I think it is the cutest thing ever.  Sometimes she gets it right, but most of the time it's Ovila do it.  She knows all of her basic shapes and can identify all of her Disney princesses ;).   

Girl is talking up a storm and I just love our little conversations.  She tells me "I love you Mommy" all the time now and it never gets old.  She even came up and hugged me and said "best friend" the other day and I melted into a huge hormonal mess right there.  She says so many cute things and I find myself taking little videos of her all the time because I don't want to miss this sweet little stage.  She sings all the time.  Her favorite songs are ABC's, I've been working on the rail road, Itsy bitsy spider, Old McDonald, Jake and the Neverland Pirates song, Carebears songs, You are my sunshine and lots more.  If she is not directly talking to me she is singing as she plays.  She pretty much doesn't shut up from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep again and I love it!
On a not so proud note, she has started saying "oh crap" when she drops something.  I have tried to encourage saying Oh no, or Uh oh instead, but she just says "oh crap" five more times.  She is also one of those kids that repeats herself until you say whatever she is saying back to her so it is kinda hard not to laugh when she does it.  I am going to have to start being careful what I say around my little mocking bird.

Little miss manners is so good about saying please and thank you.  She also says bless you anytime anyone sneezes.  My favorite is probably "yessamaam" whenever I ask her something that she wants to do, it's the sweetest.  She is a sensitive little thing.  If she knows someone is really hurt she immediately runs over and gives love.  If I stub my toe or say ouch for any reason she always asks, You okay mommy??  I can pout my lips and pretend to whine and I will always get sweet kisses and love.  This is the sweetest little age.

Most of the time I am "mommy", but occasionally she calls me "mom" in the most grown-up, sassy tone and it makes me flash forward 10 years and cringe at those teenage years to come.  Chad is "daddy" or my personal favorite "babe".  That is what he calls her so she has started calling him that and it is the sweetest.  She will randomly walk up to him, get right in his face and say "hey babe" in the sweetest voice.  Needless to say, he is wrapped pretty tight around that little finger of hers.

Little fashionista has lots of input into what she wears now.  If I let her she would wear nothing but her Cinderella princess gown and purple sparkly shoes all the time.  She loves to dress up in her princes costumes and tutus.  She also loves jewelery and especially to play in mine.  She wakes up and immediately has to put on a tutu if she isn't already wearing one, shoes and a bow.  Love my little girly girl! 

Her favorite foods are pizza and waffles and I bet she would even eat them together if I gave them to her.  Every morning she tells me she is hungry and asks for pizza and I tell her no and she immediately says, no pizza silly, waffles and berries!  So most mornings that is what she eats.  Her appetite is hit or miss these days.  It is pretty much day to day on what she will or won't eat.  She loves noodles of any kind and rice.  She also loves fruit and some days that is all she will eat.  She always eats beans and peas of any kind, but is picky about meat sometimes.  I just keep offering different things to her and hopefully I get some healthy things in there too!

She is fiercely independent and I hear the words, I do it and Ovila do it at least 100 times a day.  It is definitely teaching me to be a more patient person and plan ahead for getting ready since she has to put her own clothes and shoes now.  She also wants to climb in the car by herself and buckle her top buckle on her carseat harness herself.  I let her because I know I will appreciate it in a month when I have another one to get situated in the car.  She is also testing me daily to see what she can get away with.  She purposely will not mind me and then when I take over and make her do whatever she is refusing she loses her mind and says, I do it, but she won't do it of course.  Also, if she is minding I try to praise her she immediately stops doing whatever she is doing and is defiant.  It makes me crazy.  If she wasn't so cute I might try to give her away some days.

Amidst all the terrible twoness she is really the sweetest, most loving little girl.  She loves to snuggle and gives me hugs and kisses all the time without me even having to ask for them.  She says, Hey Mommy in the sweetest little voice and comes in for the love, it's so so sweet.  We have our spot on the couch and in my bed that we go to when she wakes up for the morning or nap.  I love our sweet one on one time and I hope we still get to snuggle like that once baby bro is here.  Speaking of babies, Olivia is obsessed with them.  I know she probably won't be like this all the time with her own, but she is crazy about all babies and she is pretty gentle and sweet with them.  I am worried she might love brother a little too much.  

Potty training is on the horizon.  I honestly thing she is ready for it now, but I am waiting until we get back from the beach.  She already asks to go poo-poo on the potty and has several times.  I do not push it yet though.  Everything I have read says to wait until they are two so that is what I am doing.  She is really smart, but also really stubborn, so I am hoping for good results.  I will be sure to share :)

Sleep is pretty great right now.  She goes down around 8-8:30 and sleeps until 7:30-8:30 in the morning.  We moved her upstairs to her new room a few weeks ago and I was so nervous to mess up her routine, but she has done great.  We kept her in a crib and I definitely think that was the best move for us.  She does so well going to sleep in there I think I will just leave her until her feet are hanging out of the bars.  She sleeps with approximately 15 stuffed animals and loves it.  Naps are pretty consistent around 1-2 for about 2 hours.  She can stretch it later if we need.  She is pretty flexible these days.

Still waiting on that 4th two year molar to break through and hopefully be done with teething for a while - whoohoo!  The other three molars came in pretty close together, but this one has been dragging along and making her pretty miserable. 

We have spent lots of time outside lately and little lady can't get enough.  She is such a big girl at the park, climbing up things that scare me to death and sliding down the tallest slides.  No fear at all.  She loves playing with other kids too, especially older ones.  She thinks the world of her cousins.  She does great at church now too.  I tell her it's time to go to church and she says she going to see her friends and never cries at all.  

I am really excited for summer fun at the pool and beach.  She has loved the lake, but she hasn't gotten all the way in yet.  Mostly we have just played on the floats and rode the boat since the water hasn't warmed up yet.  Kid is a pro swimmer with her puddle jumper on in the pool.  She swims from one end to the other saying "paddle, paddle" the whole time.   I just know she is going to go bonkers at the beach!

To my sweet Olivia Jane

You are mommy's little firecracker and I would not change one single thing about you.  I love your fiery little spirit and your sweet cuddles.  I know things are about to change a lot, but you will always be my first baby.  You have taught me so much about myself and life and I cannot imagine loving anyone like I love you.  You are such a special little girl and I thank God every day that I get to be your Mommy.  Thank you for being the best little friend I could ever ask for.  I love you to the moon and back my sweet angel!  Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday and Olivia's.  I kinda can't believe I am 31.  That sounds so old and I really don't feel that old.  I will tell ya what I do feel...pregnant.  Feet in the ribs, can't take a good breath or heaven forbid try to tie my shoes pregnant.  Not to mention my own feet that are starting to swell when I am out in the heat too long.  That never happened with Olivia and I am not a fan.  Another thing that never happened was my belly button popping out, but it is definitely out now at almost 34 weeks.  Six more weeks though, I can see the finish line!
I woke up to this sweet little face Saturday morning on my birthday.  She was so excited to bring me a balloon and tell me Happy Birthday.  I can't think of a better way to wake up.

Chad made cinnamon rolls and we ate a quick breakfast then headed to Ash's to get Ava for the day.  Ashley and Heath moved into their new house this weekend, yay!  Of course Olivia was pumped to have her cousin for the day.  We took the girls to my mom's to swim for a while. If you have a 2 year old and don't have a puddle jumper, you must get one.  These two were swimming around like little fishes and had so much fun.  I was amazed at how well they both did kicking their little legs and paddling their arms. 

A long play in the pool made for a nice long nap by both girls and a little time to relax for us.  We started watching Breaking Bad last week and we are hooked.  It is such a great show if you are looking for a new series to start.  We watched an episode and then Chad headed to help Ashley and Heath unload a few things in the new house.  When the girls woke up I took them to Walmart to get a few things for Olivia's party on Sunday.  They were so sweet while I shopped.  

We skipped church on Sunday because I had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for Olivia's party at the Splash Pad.  I baked cookies and other goodies while Chad and Olivia played most of the day.  She kept calling it her tea party and saying how she was going to have tea with all of her friends.  The party was fun, but it was soooo hot outside.  I set up a small spread of food and spent most of the time playing with Olivia.  She was a little overwhelmed with all of the attention, but she had a good time.

Girl wasn't a bit shy to dig into her presents.  She was making it rain tissue paper and couldn't wait to dig into the next gift.  She went nuts over her toy tricycle my Dad and step Mom got her.  We are so thankful for all of our family and friends coming out to help make her day special!

We ended the party letting all of the balloons fly and Olivia thought it was the coolest.  We headed home for a cool shower and early bedtimes for all of us.  I held it together pretty well this weekend thinking about my baby turning two.  No promises for Saturday on her actual birthday.

It was a fun and busy weekend and I doubt things will slow down any time soon.  We are headed to the beach this next weekend for a week and I am beyond ready, even if I will look like a beached whale ;)   So far we are enjoying soaking up this summer as a family of 3.  Love these two so much!

Happy Monday from the birthday girls ;)

Summer Starts Here

Since summer will be cut short this year by the arrival of baby bro, I want to make sure that we make the most of the time we do have even if I am a hot, huge, sweaty mess.  This will be our last summer as a family of three and I want to make the next few weeks super special for Olivia.  To make sure we fit in all of the fun I thought it would be a good idea to make a list (who doesn't love a list??)

Summer Bucket List

1.  Play in the sprinklers and blow up pools in our new back yard!
2.  Make homemade popsicles.  I have my eye on these star shaped molds that would be perfect for the 4th of July.  Can you say homemade bomb pops??
3.  Visit Chad at work and have a picnic in the park
4.  Go to the splash pad every chance we get.
5.  Roast marshmallows and make smores.
6.  Watch fireworks and play with sparklers.
7.   Lake time.  Lots of lake time!
8.  Finally hang Olivia's swing under the deck to enjoy on cooler mornings.
9.  Go swimming at Nana's as much as possible.
10.  Get ice cream from the ice cream truck every time we see it, even if it breaks me ;)

And of course, lots of time with the cousins!  They are moving this weekend just a few minutes from us so we will have lots of morning playdates like this one.  Love these little goofs!

Happy month of June aka Olivia and my birthday month!  Also, I might be slightly freaking out that I will have another child next month, whoa! 

I leave you with a little red faced cutie from playing hard at an outdoor wedding this past weekend.  And a 32 week baby bump :)