Our Weekend

Our weekends have been so jam packed lately and this one was no exception.  Olivia is still working on getting her last two year molar and is in full on beast mode most of the time, meaning waking up at 6:30am and turning into a no-nap ninja around 2pm.  We decided to take an afternoon trip to the park after Chad got home from work to let her burn off some energy.  This girl loves the park, fwinging and sliding are her favorites.  Chad obliged my mexican craving after the park and then it was home to get the critter in the bed early.

We spent most of the day on Saturday finishing up the nursery, more on that later. We have both been working so hard and I am happy to say that baby Jack's room is finally complete, for now ;).  I still have some more work to do in Olivia's big girl room, but I cannot wait to share it too!  I have been nesting like crazy.  I can proudly say that all of our closets have been cleaned out and color coordinated.  Also realized I do not need to buy one more article of clothing for any human in this house.

Sunday after church my little teething monster threw the biggest fit of her whole life, lasted about 30 minutes and ended with both of us in tears and at our whits end.  I might also add that I am an emotional mess right now.  We were supposed to go to a cousin's birthday party, but I decided someone needed a nap instead.  After a much needed nap we went outside to enjoy some sunshine.  Chad set Olivia's little pool up with her slide going into it and she had so much fun playing.  
We spent the rest of the evening winding down watching Disney together as a family on the couch.  Those are some of my favorite moments.  I love snuggling with my sweet little family.  Hard to believe in 2 short months we will have another member to snuggle!

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