Mother's Day Weekend

We survived our week alone and Chad got home just in time Friday night to read a couple of books with Olivia before she went to bed.  Even though he was worn out from a week of travel he agreed to get up early and head to the lake Saturday because I have been dying to go!
It was a perfect day for the lake.  Sunny, warm and just what we needed to relax. Last year Olivia had to wear an awful life jacket that squished her little face and neck and she was pretty miserable the whole time she had it on.  I tried a puddle-jumper this year and so far she loves it.  Not once did she complain about putting it on or ask to take it off.  She was all smiles headed to the water.

We went for a couple of boat rides since the water is still a little chilly to get in.  Olivia even got to help Grandaddy drive the boat ;).  She loved riding on the boat and even skipped her nap since we were only up there for the day.  

You know I had to YOLO with my giant belly and baby on the front.

It was such a fun day and I cannot wait to go back as many times as possible before our summer comes to an abrupt halt when baby boy arrives.

Sunday we went to church and when we got back to the nursery to pick Olivia up the medical responders were there checking on her.  Apparently she took a tumble and had a red mark on her head and a few tears, but she was fine.  It is never a good feeling thinking your baby might be hurt though.  We had lunch plans with my fam and we were running early so we decided to stop by the park and snap a few pictures....mistake.  Olivia pitched a huge fit because I wouldn't let her wear her Elsa flip flops with her pretty dress and then only wanted to throw flowers in the creek instead of smile or even look at the camera.  The fun continued at lunch with approximately 19 meltdowns over this or that.  By the time we finished eating I was sore and sweaty and felt like shedding a few tears of my own.  We came home and all three of us took a nap and woke up in much better moods :)  Chad did some laundry and picked up Milos for dinner and I rested on the couch for most of the evening watching baby boy dance around in my belly, which is all I could ask for these days.  It was a lovely weekend and went by way too fast as usual.

I am so thankful my sweet little family and my mom who is always there for me.  I am amazed every day that God entrusted me with these two little lives.  I hope everyone had a very blessed Mother's Day and Happy Monday friends!

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