April Wrap Up

Between a teething toddler with virtually non-existent nap times and nesting like a mad woman there hasn't been much time left over for blogging.  We have had a pretty fun month despite all the craziness.  So here is a little splash of April in pictures :)

We have celebrated our sweet tooth with lots of ice cream and who could say no to this sweet little face?

Lots of trips to Target for new bedroom essentials, always stylin'

Loving the warm weather in between all of the April showers!

An annual trip to the Magnolia Festival. Little lady had the time of her life!

She got to pet all of the muddy, stinky animals and couldn't have been happier about it.

I don't know who enjoyed all the rides more, her or Daddy.  I had to sit most of the rides out for Jack's safety, but these two had so much fun together.

It's not a festival until you get some fried food on a stick.  We dug into corndogs and these delicious deep fried snickers.  Olivia had a melt down when I tried to sneak a bite, payback for me sneaking all the fudgerounds in the pantry while she wasn't watching ;)

Bedrooms are coming together, slowly but surely.  Here is a sneak of Olivia's new bedding that I am over the moon for!  I cannot wait to share the finished products!

And with that my free time has expired.   I can't believe this is the last day of April and we will have a new baby in just a few short months.  
Time to get back to work!

Our Easter

The week before Easter our little family was struck with the horrible stomach bug that just wouldn't go away.  Olivia started all of the fun on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday.  I started my turn on Thursday and I thought we were out of the woods on Friday when no one was puking.  Poor little girl relapsed on Saturday and Chad woke up sick on Sunday.  There were no festive breakfasts, no impromptu egg hunts outside, no dyeing of eggs and pretty much no fun around here for those 5 days.
Olivia seemed better on Sunday, but we decided to skip church since she could still be contagious and Chad was having his fun with the bug.  I took Olivia to my Mom's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt with all the cousins.

She had so much fun despite skipping a nap and being on the mend.  She loved picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket exclaiming what color she was picking up each time.  Never miss an opportunity to learn around here ;) 

We also had a cold snap come through on Sunday and she didn't get to wear her pretty dress I had made for her.  We will still get pictures made in it though in May...praying she hates having her picture taken less by then.  Does anyone else's kid absolutely loathe having their picture taken??   One more thing to add to the strong willed check list I suppose.
I took a couple of pics with my phone when I first got it in and I cannot wait to have professional pictures done in it!

Good news is that the Easter bunny still comes to see you even when you are sick!  Little miss was pretty excited to dig into her basket when she woke up Sunday morning.  Her favorite was the sparkle lip gloss of course (that she thought was nail polish and tried to paint her toes with).  All three of us had sparkly lips for the rest of the day :)

Even under the weather we have so much to be thankful for, most of all our risen Savior, Jesus Christ!  I hope everyone had a happy Easter and now it officially feels like spring!