Snow much FUN

 Last week we we tempted with the possibility of snow not one but two days!  Keeping the snowpocalypse oflast year in mind, Chad came home early to not get stuck in horrible traffic.  We ate lunch together in our festive snowday attire and waited for the wet stuff to turn into white stuff..and waited, and waited, and waited.

Olivia got some practice in her sled as Daddy took her for spins around the living room on the carpet.  We stopped watching the weather around 5 o'clock because all of the cities around us had snow and I might have been a little bitter about it.  We went on with our evening as usual and I happened to look outside around 8:30 when Chad was laying Olivia down for bed.  We had over 3 inches of snow and it was still coming down in big chunky white flakes!  I felt so guilty for not taking my baby out to play, but she was already in bed so Chad and I bundled up and went out for some adult fun.  Our back yard is currently like a big cliff that flattens out at the bottom, yep, perfect for sledding (almost makes me sad we are getting a retaining wall and real back yard in a couple of weeks, almost).  We had so much fun being big kids together and didn't come in until we were both pouring sweat and sore from a few crashes down the hill.  I realize this might not have been the smartest move for a 19 week pregnant girl, but I just couldn't help myself!

The next morning we got Olivia ready to go outside right when she woke up and had some family fun!.  She was amazed at the snow and loved every part of it!

Ash and her kids came over a little later and we did some more sledding down the big hill.  Huddy buddy took a nap and all of the girls had a blast playing in the snow.  Once again reminding me how blessed I am to have my family so close and that Olivia gets to grow up with her cousins :)

Now the snow has melted and I don't know about you, but I am ready to bring on SPRING!
One more though, that face pretty much sums up her feeling for snow :)

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