Feeling Springy

It's the first official day of spring, yay!  This week has been so much fun and we have spent as much time outside as possible.  Bring on the picnics and park playdates, been waiting what feels like forever for this weather.  We also celebrated our first spring like holiday, St. Patrick's Day.

I love to start a holiday off with a themed breakfast, to set the mood for the day of fun ;)  Olivia helped me make green pancakes, she is an expert stirrer these days, and whipped cream.  No time to look at mommy for a pic when you have this deliciousness in front of you.  She pretty much ate all of the Lucky Charms off and I finished the rest haha.

We met Ash and the cousins at the park for some outside fun.  Olivia is fiercely independent right now.  She will not allow me to hold her hand while she is climbing up things and wants to slide down the biggest slides all by herself.  It scares the daylights out of me and makes me proud at the same time.  We had a blast playing.

We took an impromptu trip to the mall with Nana on Thursday and you know what that means? Carousel time!  My crazy kid screams Yee-haw and starts naming all the animals as soon as she catches a glimpse of the carousel and will not stop until she gets to take a spin.  

I have a new obsession just in time for spring, Lacey Lane.  It is an adorable little clothing company based in Australia and their clothes are so unique.  I ordered a few outfits for O that have not come in yet darn that international shipping, but I found these little pucker shorts and gold belt on the BST pages new with tags and snatched them up!  I cannot wait for her other outfits to come in!  Check them out!

Today, on the actual first day of Spring, it was rainy so we took a trip to ChuckECheese.  I did not take one picture, but I had the best time soaking up play time with my baby girl.  We climbed in the germ infested tunnels and went down the slide at least 20 times.  We played games and rode on the little kiddie rides until way past naptime and I wouldn't trade on minute of it.  Well, except when my tired child had a meltdown because she couldn't climb on a game and was acting a total fool and I accidentally popped her little bare leg way too hard and immediately felt like the worst human alive, although it didn't even phase her mid-tantrum.  Actually, I still feel horrible about it and now you all probably think I beat my poor baby.  Whew, this mom business is hard work sometimes, especially when you have raging hormones.  We did have a fantastic day though and I really loved leaving the phone in my purse and spending all of my time focused on her.  Off topic, but my girl can count to ten now.  She was counting puzzle pieces the other day and totally blew my mind.  Gotta love when your kid does something so smart that you didn't know they could do.  I guess that is enough rambling for now ;)  Spring is here, get outside and enjoy it friends!!!

Oh and Jack a.k.a "low rider" says hey!

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