Easter Basket Goodies

With the sun shining outside I can't help but wish for spring to be here already.  And you know I have already skipped to the first holiday we get to celebrate in spring, Easter!
I probably put way too much thought into what goes into Olivia's Easter basket, but I just love getting that little girl goodies.  Here is what I have come up with.

Starting at the top, I am a sucker for a knit top dress and Matilda Jane so I couldn't pass up this adorable little dress.  Olivia is obsessed with jewelery lately so this bracelet is sure to be a hit and it matches her new dress too.  We love to read around here and I love to give her new books for holidays.  The If You Give A Mouse A Cookie books are great for her age and attention span right now.  Olivia is also really into magnets right now and since there are about 100 of them residing underneath our fridge currently, never to be seen again, I thought we needed some more ;)
And these fun number magnets won't fit under the fridge, I checked.
We wear "gasses" rain or shine all the time.  Mint is my new favorite color for spring and these shades are going to match everything. 
Don't you just love when you see things that you loved as a child revamped for your kids??
I pretty much lived in jelly shoes when I was little and I can't get enough of the new Mini Melissa jelly shoes.  Olivia already saw these when they came in the other day and she went bananas over them. She had to wear them right away and walked around saying "meow, so silly" giggling all night and cried when we had to take them off for bath time.
As avid watchers of Doc McStuffins this stuffed Lambie will be super sweet for Easter.
During our weekly outing to Target I scooped up these glitter eggs to add a little glam big huge mess to finish off her Easter basket.

I can't wait to give my little lady all of her new goodies.  The construction on our retaining wall and backyard start soon so maybe we will even have somewhere to practice hunting eggs!  Got to get an edge up on all of those cousins ;)
Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Hey we've been training for this...teaching them to go for the prize egg! Plus we out number yall 😂 #wegotthis