Feeling Springy

It's the first official day of spring, yay!  This week has been so much fun and we have spent as much time outside as possible.  Bring on the picnics and park playdates, been waiting what feels like forever for this weather.  We also celebrated our first spring like holiday, St. Patrick's Day.

I love to start a holiday off with a themed breakfast, to set the mood for the day of fun ;)  Olivia helped me make green pancakes, she is an expert stirrer these days, and whipped cream.  No time to look at mommy for a pic when you have this deliciousness in front of you.  She pretty much ate all of the Lucky Charms off and I finished the rest haha.

We met Ash and the cousins at the park for some outside fun.  Olivia is fiercely independent right now.  She will not allow me to hold her hand while she is climbing up things and wants to slide down the biggest slides all by herself.  It scares the daylights out of me and makes me proud at the same time.  We had a blast playing.

We took an impromptu trip to the mall with Nana on Thursday and you know what that means? Carousel time!  My crazy kid screams Yee-haw and starts naming all the animals as soon as she catches a glimpse of the carousel and will not stop until she gets to take a spin.  

I have a new obsession just in time for spring, Lacey Lane.  It is an adorable little clothing company based in Australia and their clothes are so unique.  I ordered a few outfits for O that have not come in yet darn that international shipping, but I found these little pucker shorts and gold belt on the BST pages new with tags and snatched them up!  I cannot wait for her other outfits to come in!  Check them out!

Today, on the actual first day of Spring, it was rainy so we took a trip to ChuckECheese.  I did not take one picture, but I had the best time soaking up play time with my baby girl.  We climbed in the germ infested tunnels and went down the slide at least 20 times.  We played games and rode on the little kiddie rides until way past naptime and I wouldn't trade on minute of it.  Well, except when my tired child had a meltdown because she couldn't climb on a game and was acting a total fool and I accidentally popped her little bare leg way too hard and immediately felt like the worst human alive, although it didn't even phase her mid-tantrum.  Actually, I still feel horrible about it and now you all probably think I beat my poor baby.  Whew, this mom business is hard work sometimes, especially when you have raging hormones.  We did have a fantastic day though and I really loved leaving the phone in my purse and spending all of my time focused on her.  Off topic, but my girl can count to ten now.  She was counting puzzle pieces the other day and totally blew my mind.  Gotta love when your kid does something so smart that you didn't know they could do.  I guess that is enough rambling for now ;)  Spring is here, get outside and enjoy it friends!!!

Oh and Jack a.k.a "low rider" says hey!

21 Weeks + 21 Months

This past week we hit a milestone that I just couldn't pass up!  I was 21 weeks with baby boy and my sweet little lady turned 21 months old.  Since I have yet to do even one bump update I think now is the perfect time ;)

How far along: 21 weeks (+4 days)
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: 11 pounds
Maternity clothes:  I can still get by in most of my old jeans, but why would you not wear pants with a stretchy waist band any time you can get away with it?? You know you would too ;)
Sleep: I want to all the time.  I wake up at least three times a night for a trip to the bathroom or because I am sweating like a pig...thanks hormones
Best moment this week: Seeing the look on Olivia's face when we went to the Live with the Characters show.  She had the best time and shouted "hold you" to every character that came on stage.  It absolutely melts my heart to see her so happy.
Miss anything: Being able to walk up stairs without getting stupidly out of breath or ya know, just hold a conversation without having to breathe hard.
Movement: Baby boy is kicking like a little ninja in there.  He is quite a bit lower than I carried Olivia and it feels like he uses my bladder as a punching bag most of the time.  I still love those sweet little movements though!
Cravings: Milos, mexican and reeses white chocolate easter eggs!  I lost my taste for reeses when I was pregnant with Olivia and it is back with a vengeance this go around. I'm not a bit mad about it either.
 Queasy or sick: Not a bit.  I haven't had any of the sickness I had last time :)
Looking forward to: We finally picked a name! Jack Emmett Pearson.  Now it is time to start decorating his new room.  I have so many ideas and I am so excited to start getting things together for him.

Olivia Jane - 21 months old
(ps. I promise to stop counting in months when she turns two)

Stats: 34 inches tall and 23 pounds, the best I could measure, she is a little wiggly 
Favorite foods: pizza, mac and cheese, all fruit, especially watermelon
Signature moves: dropping it like it's hot whenever she hears music, no matter where we are or what is going on around her.  She loves to sing and jump too.  Every night after dinner while we are cleaning up she runs circles around the island singing her little heart out, it's pretty adorable.
Things she's not fond of: strangers, still.  When people try to talk to her that she doesn't know she gets extremely shy and either glares at them through squinted eyes (which makes me want to thump her in the head) or buries her head in my shoulder.
Talking:  Girl is talking up a storm and putting new things together everyday, it amazes me.  She says little 3 word sentences all the time including: I got it, I do it, where are you, what was that, where you go, and my personal favorite, I love you.  She is really communicating so well and it just makes life that much more fun!
Favorite toys: She loves any kind of arts and crafts.  She loves to draw and sticking stickers everywhere.  Still loves her minnie mouse airplane riding toy.  She is surprisingly good at putting puzzles together and knows all of her colors and a lot of her letters.  Little people are always fun and she still loves baby dolls and stuffed animals.  Chad came home with a slide the other day and it is currently residing in our living room where she slides at least 100 times a day.  With the weather warming up we have been spending lots of time outside and she just can't get enough of it.  She is a daredevil at the park and goes down huge slides all by herself.  She is still a little monkey climbing up things that I think there is no way she will be able to do.  

Fits are becoming less frequent and less severe which is awesome.  I think the more she is able to communicate with us the less she feels the need to throw down.  Life is never boring with her around and she makes me laugh at least 20 times a day.  Her little personality is just so sweet and fun it is contagious.  

We enjoyed the weather today with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and a picnic!
We are hoping spring is here to stay :)

Easter Basket Goodies

With the sun shining outside I can't help but wish for spring to be here already.  And you know I have already skipped to the first holiday we get to celebrate in spring, Easter!
I probably put way too much thought into what goes into Olivia's Easter basket, but I just love getting that little girl goodies.  Here is what I have come up with.

Starting at the top, I am a sucker for a knit top dress and Matilda Jane so I couldn't pass up this adorable little dress.  Olivia is obsessed with jewelery lately so this bracelet is sure to be a hit and it matches her new dress too.  We love to read around here and I love to give her new books for holidays.  The If You Give A Mouse A Cookie books are great for her age and attention span right now.  Olivia is also really into magnets right now and since there are about 100 of them residing underneath our fridge currently, never to be seen again, I thought we needed some more ;)
And these fun number magnets won't fit under the fridge, I checked.
We wear "gasses" rain or shine all the time.  Mint is my new favorite color for spring and these shades are going to match everything. 
Don't you just love when you see things that you loved as a child revamped for your kids??
I pretty much lived in jelly shoes when I was little and I can't get enough of the new Mini Melissa jelly shoes.  Olivia already saw these when they came in the other day and she went bananas over them. She had to wear them right away and walked around saying "meow, so silly" giggling all night and cried when we had to take them off for bath time.
As avid watchers of Doc McStuffins this stuffed Lambie will be super sweet for Easter.
During our weekly outing to Target I scooped up these glitter eggs to add a little glam big huge mess to finish off her Easter basket.

I can't wait to give my little lady all of her new goodies.  The construction on our retaining wall and backyard start soon so maybe we will even have somewhere to practice hunting eggs!  Got to get an edge up on all of those cousins ;)
Happy weekend friends!

Snow much FUN

 Last week we we tempted with the possibility of snow not one but two days!  Keeping the snowpocalypse oflast year in mind, Chad came home early to not get stuck in horrible traffic.  We ate lunch together in our festive snowday attire and waited for the wet stuff to turn into white stuff..and waited, and waited, and waited.

Olivia got some practice in her sled as Daddy took her for spins around the living room on the carpet.  We stopped watching the weather around 5 o'clock because all of the cities around us had snow and I might have been a little bitter about it.  We went on with our evening as usual and I happened to look outside around 8:30 when Chad was laying Olivia down for bed.  We had over 3 inches of snow and it was still coming down in big chunky white flakes!  I felt so guilty for not taking my baby out to play, but she was already in bed so Chad and I bundled up and went out for some adult fun.  Our back yard is currently like a big cliff that flattens out at the bottom, yep, perfect for sledding (almost makes me sad we are getting a retaining wall and real back yard in a couple of weeks, almost).  We had so much fun being big kids together and didn't come in until we were both pouring sweat and sore from a few crashes down the hill.  I realize this might not have been the smartest move for a 19 week pregnant girl, but I just couldn't help myself!

The next morning we got Olivia ready to go outside right when she woke up and had some family fun!.  She was amazed at the snow and loved every part of it!

Ash and her kids came over a little later and we did some more sledding down the big hill.  Huddy buddy took a nap and all of the girls had a blast playing in the snow.  Once again reminding me how blessed I am to have my family so close and that Olivia gets to grow up with her cousins :)

Now the snow has melted and I don't know about you, but I am ready to bring on SPRING!
One more though, that face pretty much sums up her feeling for snow :)