Valentine's Day Weekend

We kicked off the weekend of love with a fun Friday breakfast for my love muffin.  She went nuts over the whipped cream and we both ate our weight in berries.  I am pretty sure she would live off on only blueberries if I let her.  

We have been cooped up in the house all week with snotty noses (including nose bleeds for mommy, ain't pregnancy fun).  Finally feeling a little better so little miss got all decked out in her pink to go see the cousins and spread some germs.

Friday night Daddy took us out to dinner at Stix.  Olivia loves watching them cook and eats almost as much rice as I do.  And that is saying a lot.  She was the sweetest little Valentine date.  My mom is watching her next weekend so Chad and I can go to the marriage conference at our church Friday night and all day Saturday so that is going to be our date night.  He did get me some beautiful flowers and baby bites!  As soon as he walked in with the box Olivia ran over to him and started saying "cake, cake, cake".  She knows a good thing when she sees it ;)

Saturday, actual Valentine's Day I let Olivia open her goody basket full of some cute treats I collected for the past month or so.  My favorite of all has to be the right/left leggings from Hello Apparel.  Olivia loved them too and sported them at the zoo that afternoon.

We filled up on a delicious, festive breakfast before we left. On the menu: heart shaped (kinda) pancakes, berries, hashbrowns and must have bacon.  Have you ever made pancakes in oil?  Do it, you will not be sorry.  They tasted like funnel cakes and I made homemade whipped cream to go on top.  Baby boy was kicking up a storm! and now I am hungry...again

We met the Hamilton's around lunch at the zoo because the weather was too perfect not to get outside.  Olivia has been bonkers for animals lately and I just knew she would love the zoo at this age.  She had a blast naming all the animals and the sounds they made.  I am pretty sure her day was made when she got to pet the goat ;)

We had to get a picture of the girls in from of the zebras, circa their first trip to the zoo together last spring.

It was such a fun day with great friends and we even managed to keep the critter awake on the car ride home waaaayyyy past her nap time so she would sleep in her bed.  

Sunday the snotty nose saga continued so we skipped church and hung out in our jammies all day.  It was rainy and perfect snuggle weather so no one minded.  Olivia and Chad beat the rainy day blues with literally hours worth of coloring and playing with her new stickers from her basket. These two are the sweetest!

I am excited for a weekend with the hubby and growing our marriage through Christ!  Hope everyone has a lovely safe weekend
and eat some ice-keeeemmmm

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