Hump Day Happenings

Here it is the middle of the week again and I have yet to record our weekend.  So let's start from today and work our way back :)
The weather is absolutely beautiful and I had planned to take Olivia to the zoo, but it didn't warm up in time so we made a trip to the mall.  She wasn't very interested in the shopping shocker, right but we had so much fun.  As soon as she saw the carousel she yelled "yee-haw" and nothing could distract her from riding it right that instant.  She didn't want to sit on any of the animals, instead we walked around and she petted them all and gave them love, I'm sure contracting every contagious disease that is going around right now.  It made her so happy I couldn't make her stop though, that is what hand sanitizer is for.

We have been on the hunt for a plush Elmo toy for a while.  It is actually hard to find one that doesn't sing and is cuddly.  Since she sleeps with approximately 15 animals/baby dolls there is no room for her rock and roll Elmo that sings and dances.  We went in ABC Toys and this child was in hog heaven with all the stuffed animals and toys.
Gangs all here!!!

She thought she was such a big girl pushing her own mini buggy around.

We did bring the $40 Elmo home with us and it is supposed to be for Valentines day, but I have a feeling I couldn't pry it out of her hands if I tried ;)

Yesterday we made homemade sugar cookies and I let Olivia pour in all of the ingredients.  She has gotten so big and so good at doing exactly what I tell her to do.  After a mess of epic toddler proportions we had so pretty cute little cookies, perfect for tiny fingers and mommy fingers.

We took full advantage of the 60 degree weather this Saturday with a trip to the park.  We packed a picnic and sat for approximately 5 seconds before Olivia was up and about.  She climbed the ladder and went down the slide all by herself.  How is she big enough to do these things??

She still lives for swinging.  She yelled "weeeee" the whole time and  had everyone around her laughing at her.  She is talking so much lately too.  They have play animals at this park that you can climb on and she was naming each one of them and what sound they make.  Anyone take a stab at what a giraffe says?? haha.  She is stringing words together and really able to get her point across and that has helped tremendously in the tantrum department.  My baby girl is growing up!

I don't know who's kid this is, she is way too big to be mine.  And if you are wondering, yes she wore her "sun-gashes" the whole time ;)

Friday morning we had doctor's appointment and found out that Olivia will be getting a baby BROTHER in July!  We really could not be more excited.  Olivia is going to be the best big sister.  She already loves on my belly all the time asking to see "baby bruddah".  We have no names yet, but we agree way more on boy names than girls so that is a relief ;) 
After the doctor's office we went to lunch with Mom and Ash and her girls to celebrate.  Olivia wore a pretty Sweet Honey dress with blue and pink for the occasion and I had both pink and blue bows with me and told my family that whatever color bow she was wearing would indicate what new baby would be.  They were super excited to get a boy too!  My sister has a 5 month old little boy and then it is pretty much girls throughout the family so now Hudson with have a friend to play with!

Best we could get of the three of them after a long lunch.

I feel like this pregnancy is passing me by and I have got to get around to doing some bump updates soon.  It is more exciting knowing that the sweet little critter I feel moving around in there is a boy.  I know this little guy is going to rock our world and he already has my heart.  

I'll leave you with my sock fingered little goof!
Happy Hump day friends!

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